To prolong the youthfulness that 40-year-old women should not forget about fitness and nutrition. In addition, the fairer sex with the age of the "berries" you need to remember about taking vitamins. They will help to preserve the beauty of skin, hair and nails, provide a good mood.
Why special attention to lifestyle ladies should be paid in 40 years? At this time begins a global restructuring of the body: reduced ovarian function, the hormones are produced in smaller quantities. A woman can become more irritable, tired, and the premenopausal women lasts typically 3-4 years. To avoid age-related changes, it is necessary to maintain vitamin complexes. In it should be composed of valuable substances in the required dosage.
After 40 years, the woman has to have vitamin A. Antioxidant, the vitamin of youth helps fight aging, it makes skin more elastic, fresh. Vitamin a could be part of a multivitamin, but to draw the substance can and from food. It is found in eggs, fish, red caviar, eggs, liver, butter.
We should not forget after 40 about vitamin C Askorbinka allows you to maintain visual acuity, skin elasticity. This antioxidant strengthens blood vessels, its a lot of green vegetables, rose hips, citrus fruits, black currants, and sea buckthorn sauerkraut.
In adulthood it is necessary to enrich the diet with vitamin D. It prevents the development of multiple sclerosis, cancer, osteoporosis. This vitamin keeps bones healthy, look for the vitamin D you need in seafood, liver, cheese, and cottage cheese.
Vitamin E after 40 is important because this component is responsible for the condition of the hair, nails and skin, the mood of a woman. Longer to be attractive, a lady should eat broccoli, nuts, spinach, seeds, vegetable oil.
The vigor and longevity will give women vitamin K. It helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, blood clotting. From a substance depends on the health of the kidneys, teeth, bones. Vitamin K is rich in some kinds of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peas, potatoes, cereals, green tea, bananas, kiwi, avocado.
Water-soluble vitamin B12 helps women after 40 years of fatigue, insomnia, stress. This vitamin stimulates the white blood cells, look for it in the meat, seaweed, liver, fish.