As a rule, start to live again falls on the ruins of the former when you want to get out of the impasse. Forty years is the age of the revaluation itself. During the debriefing, the counting of failures and successes, gains and losses, of achievement in the family and at work. And if this "revision" ends up disappointing – do not despair. So, it's time to remember the aphorism from the movie "Moscow does not believe in tears" - "In forty years the life only begins".
Start with changes in ourselves. First of all, stop feeling sorry for yourself and think that there are many, so with their talents and challenges, you are not wanted. No two people are alike. No demand for you until then unless you're interesting yourself. Therefore, out of doubt, help should be optimism and positive thinking.
Defeat inertia and internal fatigue, feel the desire and enthusiasm the soul has no age, and forty-year-old man she was still young. But the body tends to age. To slow down this process, get active, join a group yoga, lead an active lifestyle, every day increasing load. This will not only help to keep a constant tone, but also to cope with sad thoughts of their own inadequacy or approaching old age. Remember the wise saying "In healthy body – healthy spirit".
Ditch unhealthy habits (if you have them). And a sense of pride: "I can!" will help to cope with the complexities.
Be sure to bring to life at least one of his cherished dream. For example, learn Chinese language, learn to drive a car or visit Venice. This will not only invigorate and give you pleasure, but will help to find new friends with the same interests.
Don't concentrate on problems or diseases. Take care of yourself and quality of life. Say "No" to depression. And most importantly – remember that the life you have only one, the other will not. And only you yourself can become its Creator.