To begin with, it is still with internal state. Happy woman can always look younger than 40 years. Even during adversity, try to smile, because gloomy person adds age and 20-year-old girls. Going through life with positivity, not only will you be able to preserve their youth and learn to cope with any difficulties.
If you want to look 40 at 30, you need to saturate your diet with vitamins and minerals. After thirty you need to take calcium, iron and folic acid, and at 40, be sure to include in the menu the fiber, foods rich in magnesium and potassium. In addition, follow the example of Madonna, who for 25 years taking astaxanthin – a carotenoid synthesized from microscopic marine algae.
Fail to look good in 40 years, continuing to smoke and drink alcohol. If the male body has any immunity to alcohol, women suffering from of every drop. With the exception of Mature ladies may be dry red wine, not more than 400 ml in a week.
Arm yourself with the sport. A certain amount of rejuvenating cells that you were given by nature, after 30 begins to rapidly melt. To intensify the process of self-healing of the body can only active lifestyle. Do not miss the opportunity once again to take a walk, ride a Bicycle, swim or jog through the Park. In addition, you must visit some sports or yoga, Pilates, shaping, body Flex, at least 3 times a week.
To look younger than 40, it is necessary to observe a drinking mode and to sleep. Do not sacrifice hours of rest for homework or recreation of the TV. If in 20 years you could dance the night away, in 40 the body will not forgive such neglect of himself and revenge the wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.
Look 40 at 30 will help the right makeup. In this age, women have clearly marked "crow's feet" and wrinkles around the mouth. To mask this shortcoming will help light concealer and Foundation one tone darker than natural skin tone. Performing makeup, make sure that all the lines were ascendant. Down the eye gently, directing the tips of the arrows up. By the way, age is often given eyebrows. If they thinned, stands to do permanent makeup. If they are too thick, visivite them so that the tails did not fall to the corners of the eyes – this form gives the face a tired and pathetic.