So the DPS officer gave the command to stop. For a start, the driver must ensure that it stops his car. If Yes, then you should stay in any case in that place, which is indicated by a DPS officer. Definitely need to keep calm and not to worry. Always remember that excitement only hurts. When the driver is experiencing, he starts to make uncontrolled actions, and this can cause the employee of traffic police will be easier to fined.

The duties of the employee of traffic police when the vehicle is stopped

What is required to make the inspector after the command to stop the vehicle? First he must introduce himself. Thus it is necessary to give his position, rank and surname. After that the employee of traffic police is obliged to name the exact purpose of the stop. And only after all the above, he may require the driver of a submission for verification of documents.

Knowing your rights is the power

After stopping the vehicle the driver has the right not to leave your car. The conversation with the employee of traffic police is carried through the open window of the vehicle. The inspector has the right to require the driver to leave the car in if you suspect a painful condition or intoxication; when necessary to eliminate technical malfunction of the car; if necessary, personal inspection or inspection of the goods or vehicle; to provide assistance to other participants of traffic or police officers. The driver has the right to video or audio recording of a conversation with the inspector.

How to have a conversation

During a conversation with the employee of traffic police is very important to maintain a friendly, confident and calm tone, while avoiding disturbance, rudeness and bad words. Don't tell the employee that you highly in a hurry. As experience shows, a gross mistake of the driver is to feel connections with the leadership. Very often this leads to a deterioration of the relationship of the inspector to the driver.

If the driver does not know the laws, they should not be appealing. It is better to ask the inspector to clarify the rule of law, which in this case takes place. This will impress the officer and promote the development of friendly conversation. Also do not need to offer a bribe, especially if the driver was not implemented infringement. Never be afraid of meeting with the traffic police.