Advice 1: What to do if husband wants another girl

Experiencing a lack of bright emotions in intimate life, a man may seek relationships on the side. The husband didn't want another girl, he needs to be sexually satisfied.
What to do if husband wants another girl

To know the reason

Man begins to seek love and affection on the side, if the family home does not bring him the desired comfort, if the relationship with his wife had lost the bright colors, and he lives with her under the same roof just for the kids or just out of habit. Reasons for leaving "the left" can be a great many, mainly their basis lies in the lack of understanding and unwillingness to listen to their partner. For example, a man may for a long time not to make a monotonous intimate life, and in a moment he will want to bring to life your secret fantasies, but with another woman.

It often happens that the representatives of the stronger sex are afraid to loosen up in front of their wives, to admit that they would like to try something new in sex life. A man is experiencing constant dissatisfaction in sexual terms, for example, if a woman is very tired at work and constantly restricts him in the intima. It is important to remember that the basis of any marriage is respect, therefore, to neglect the needs of the partner is simply unacceptable.

To dilute the relationship with bright colors

If the husband wants another girl, then you need to prove him wrong, because his wife less attractive and ready for sexual games. To spice up the love life, you can make your loved unplanned romantic evening with a spicy surprise. The best option will be revealing lingerie or intimate various attributes that are important to for men it was a complete surprise.

To add bright colors in sex life and get a lot of unforgettable experiences will help the sex in unusual place, the main thing is not to overreact. Such details will help to prove to the man that he is still interested in wife sexually, and she is ready to experiment. When the representative of the stronger sex feel that in his family life there's still a lot of unexplored loopholes, he automatically lost the desire to search for the girl on the side.

To end the relationship

If a man shows no interest to his wife, despite all her efforts, and shows interest in a new relationship – better to let him go. There are people who systematically unfaithful, who do not like long-term relationship with one sexual partner. In this case, it is pointless to try to diversify the intimate life, because if one worth, a representative of the stronger sex immediately change your course to the left." If the husband wants another girl – it is better to give him that opportunity, but this time to look for a faithful and reliable companion on the shoulder which you can rely in any situation.

Advice 2: What to do if you get tired at any job

Currently, in many professions there is an increased burden on the workplace. This prolonged sitting at the computer, overtime reports, increased risk of injury, work with the technique. So, sometimes, people millet suffer from chronic fatigue.
what to do if you get tired at work

What can cause fatigue at work

When a long time a person feels fatigue from any work, it is necessary to find the cause of this condition. Often it is incorrectly organized way of life, disturbance of sleep and wakefulness, night reports at the computer and early rise. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of oxygen, permanent seat in the office.

Bad habits, in turn, significantly undermine health. If a person smokes and drinks, can all contribute to the excretion of nutrients, which are responsible for the immune status. For example, when Smoking the body poorly absorbs vitamin C which not only maintains the beauty and youthfulness but also gives a feeling of cheerfulness.

Sometimes the cause of constant fatigue can be various diseases: anemia, traumatic brain injury, diabetes, hormonal disturbances. People can for years to feel weakness, fatigue and apathy, and tie it to mental and physical stress.

What to do when tired

You first need to be examined by a doctor to be tested for blood sugar, thyroid hormones. If the reason is a somatic disorder, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate therapy. After a certain time fatigue will disappear.

If fatigue occurs in winter or spring, you can start taking a multivitamin. It's probably just easiest deficiencies. In General, doctors do not recommend to wait for the extreme fatigue, and immediately start taking vitamins. In pharmacy there are numerous systems designed for the workers of mental and physical labor.

At a constant fatigue at work, you need to revise your schedule. You need to learn to go to sleep until 12 o'clock, the ascent can be and 6 and 7 in the morning. During this period the body of an adult will have a great time, all phases of sleep have time to go through, which will positively affect the General state of health.

Quitting bad habits will greatly strengthen the body, will not let him so tired. The money saved from cigarettes or beer you can buy good vitamins or take a bike. Bad habits can be attributed to eating fast foods that it is best to replace healthy food: vegetable sandwiches, cereal, nuts. This will give the body an energy boost and will help to hold without fatigue all day.

At work you can make micropause, at this time, it is better to drink natural juice, or spend a small charge for the muscles of the face, hands and eyes. Don't forget about regular nature walks. Fresh air has beneficial effects, relieves stress and fatigue.

Advice 3: What if the husband does things the way he wants

Psychologists believe that people are selfish people who live only for themselves, and altruists, who live for others at the expense of yourself. Of course there are still those who are trying to combine the love of self and respect for others, acting according to situations.
What if the husband does things the way he wants
To comfortably communicate with all people and find common language with family, you need to be able to consider not only their interests, but the wishes of others. This is especially true of the relationship of husband and wife. However, if the husband is selfish and does only what he wants, it's complicated. The wife in this case there are three possible reactions to this attitude: to leave, to accept or try to change the situation.

At the beginning of the relationship both partners try to show their best side, and love does not allow a sober assessment of a loved one. But flaws eventually reveal themselves. When a woman realizes that her husband is selfish and does only what he wants, of course, she may decide to leave and find happiness elsewhere. However, this extreme option, before you can try to keep the family together and correct the situation.

Try to change the spouse

Some women believe that they can influence the selfishness of the spouse. You can force him to change his attitude, listen to the second side and to do something for the common good. Such attempts usually start with soft requests. The woman I want to believe that if she asks her husband, for example, putting dirty clothes directly into the hamper, he will listen and adopt similar rules. Let not the first time, but eventually the husband will be able to make certain requests of his wife.

Most often people change impossible. He may want to change and even try to attempt to make a pleasant wife. But the practice of family relations shows that such changes are temporary, but the habits and opinions all the time.

People will change if he's comfortable in new condition. You can talk to your husband, explain to him the positive and negative aspects of his behavior. Just do not need to swear during a conversation. Let a man see you as not a violent person, and sedate the woman he will change.

Make husband the way he is

Wiser, of course, to stop trying to remake the husband, to accept him the way he is and focus on his positive traits. You should try to see his point of view in what he does and why he does it that way. Such a philosophical attitude to life helps to keep the nervous system and to preserve family relationships.

Deciding on what to do when husband does just as he wants only his wife need to figure out what she wants to be right or to be happy. Because sometimes we have to choose only one of these options. Wisdom comes to the woman with experience of life, and in a few years you will remember that was too demanding to the spouse.

Advice 4: What to do if husband doesn't want to listen to his wife

One of the conditions of a happy marriage is mutual understanding. However, sometimes women can be difficult to get through to their spouses. The husband listened to the wife, you need to find an approach to it.
Strive for understanding

Presentation of information

Maybe, the husband isn't listening to you because you are so convey information. When you want something to tell your spouse, remember that men are better grasp the essence of the conversation, but don't pay any attention to the numerous details that girls seem so important and interesting.

Start a conversation with the chief and not deviate from the topic during the conversation. It happens that the wife jumps from one object to another discussion, and her husband, which is difficult to focus on this monologue, just shut off.

Choose a good time to talk with your spouse. If he came home tired, hungry and cranky is not the best time to discuss with him some important things.
Wait until he comes back in a good mood, and then start a conversation.

Question authority

Maybe you believe that the husband isn't listening to you, just because he doesn't do in your opinion? So you have a reason to try to Express their opinion in a different form. Perhaps you are too categorical in its recommendations, and the spouse not listening to you solely because of stubbornness and male pride.

To promote their ideas must be gently and unobtrusively, to a spouse thought that a brilliant idea occurred to him. If you care not to take away from the husband the authority of the head of the family, and to keep the interests of your family, you will listen to this advice and change tactics.
Try not to cut your husband, do not scold him for his mistakes and forget such unpleasant for men's ears the phrase, "I told you so".

Show an example

If you want the husband consulted with you and consider your opinion when making important decisions, show the first example. Maybe you're acting too independently and demonstrate that the solution you no matter the opinion of the spouse. In this case, it is natural that the faithful responds to you the same.

Create your family a real team whose members respect, appreciate and love each other. You first have to begin to cultivate such family values, and then demand the same behavior from her husband.


Maybe your better half does not listen to you, consider what you do not understand what you tell me. He doesn't trust your opinion, because he thinks your judgment is superficial.

Show competence in the issue that you discuss with your husband. Collect information about the exciting for you and prepare convincing facts that will help you make the spouse of a supporter.

Advice 5: What if the guy doesn't want to work

Despite the fact that man, by nature, is a mainstay, a defender of women and the breadwinner in the family, the society established the equality of men and women. Now the female needs to be strong and independent. Who is to blame and what to do?
What if the guy doesn't want to work
The husband does not work: what is the problem?
Women by nature are soft and gentle creatures, feeling a sense of loyalty, did not immediately begin to think that their favorite is not working. Someone's husband is retired, another is seriously ill and so on and so forth. In life anything can happen, but women suffer, wait, and work, so as to provide for a family, lead a life, take care of the kids. The reasons may be different, but if your man isn't working and it lasts a long time, from several months to several years, should seriously consider. Maybe your guy just does not want to work?
What if the guy does not work?
Of course, you can take a passive state and wait for the "miracle" that the guy himself to change for the better. However, this is not the best choice.
Try to show your lover that you find it difficult to pull your life and work, and you would like to receive support. If nothing changes, and your guy will continue to do nothing, then perhaps you man not need it. Of course, if you are willing to accept the fact that all life will be to live with a guy who had no qualms sitting on your neck.
How to make a guy work?
If your guy is not looking for work, take part yourself in the search of earnings. To help you can newspaper ads online. Force him to go to job interviews.
If he continues to rest, while rejecting all your offers for a long time, he is a slacker and lazy. A real man will not allow his girlfriend to work for him, he will go to work and provide for his family.
Tell the guy that you don't need a parasite, and you want a divorce. If he would not mind such a turn, it remains to regret that you spent your time on this person and to start a new life.
It's not working: nothing!
There are families in which the man works and the woman is a real workaholic, as well as the financial support of the family. If you do not mind this situation, and allow your revenues, all are satisfied, then, well, live.
However, in such families, the man usually performs wifely duties.
And last, unfortunately, at any moment the situation may not be convenient for you. You can get pregnant, and then you go: the birth of a baby, problems at work that will make you and your husband if your income is suddenly reduced, you'll in that case, feel husband, your support and your neck even more than before?

Advice 6: How husband to live with wife

The family is a separate unit of society in which every member performs its functions. The relationship it was perfect, men and women must play their responsibilities.
How husband to live with wife

How to treat a man to his wife?

A man should respect and cherish your mate. When people get married, they promise each other to keep their love. However, this is not entirely correct. Love is a feeling that is either there or not. It is foolish to promise something that you cannot control. But respect is quite manageable. The representative of the stronger sex needs to listen to the views of his wife, to take care of it and treat it gently.

The husband is obliged to remain faithful to his wife. Adultery destroys family ties, even if they have nothing will not know of the second half. The fact that in the case of spousal betrayal, a man will feel guilt. Because of this, the relationship between the lovers will become strained and this can even lead to divorce.

The husband should listen to his wife. Remember that women share with her husband some information, their thoughts and their own point of view not to listen to his sermons, but rather with the intention that he just heard about their ideas and experiences. They just need someone to talk to, and if the husband will teach his wife life, it is unlikely the family will be stronger.

What should a husband do to keep the family strong?

It is known that women are not always able to decide on any serious and responsible step. That is why the husband must support the wife in her aspirations, not to discourage any particular action. If the wife is committed to self-realization, wants to find a job, do not discourage her, let her feel the satisfaction from the achieved goals.

To maintain cordial relations in the family, the representative of the stronger sex should take any differences between him and his partner. Perhaps the spouses will have different opinions about certain things or different tastes in music, Hobbies, interests. The husband should never criticize his lawful wife.

If a man wants to be a proper husband, he must always be responsible for any word he said and never lie to his lover, to help her and to provide moral and material support, as well as being sensitive and gentle. No need to think that after marriage, the girl doesn't need compliments, gifts and surprises. A good husband in any case would not treat his wife with indifference, otherwise he will simply lose it.

Advice 7: How to tell the man that his affection don't excite

There are times when a relationship with a man add up is great – there is love and harmony, and even the sex is relatively good. To spoil the idyll can only be one thing – foreplay does not excite, respectively, it becomes harder to enjoy sex and experience an unforgettable orgasm. How to hint to your partner that he's doing something wrong, not to offend him, not to alienate and not to ruin the relationship?
the wife is no longer excited


What to do if husband is not good enough in terms of foreplay

"Not exciting prelude to sex" or "do not excite me affection husband" - a frequent claim of the girls, which they share in conversations with friends. But how to tell your partner about it? After all, it is important not only honesty, but also sensitivity to similar conversation not to trigger the development of male complexes or may trigger thoughts about your frigidity (for others, it didn't complain).

Try before another night of love not to wait for action from partner, and take the initiative in their hands. If you don't like something (the rapid penetration of the fingers into the vagina instead of a gentle stimulation of the clitoris or dry and stingy kisses instead of passionate kisses), direct the actions of the husband in the right direction, accompanying their moans showing that you are really good (better than before).

If a man brings foreplay to a minimum, starting to have sex at the first hint of grease, tell me what you dream about erotic massage and how you would like to extend a tactile pleasure that go beyond sex. Create appropriate atmosphere – dim lights or candles, scented oils that the man will RUB you. A great option is foreplay in the bath with foam and warm water relaxes, the rush will not want, foreplay renewed itself, bringing pleasure to both partners.

What should I do if my husband does not like foreplay?

This is another question that you can ask women. Are you sure that he really doesn't like? Perhaps, nobody said that he's doing something wrong, and a quick transition to sex a standard practice (and in past relationships, and in the present). The way out of the situation again lies in the frankness, but with a pinch of cunning. You can not say explicitly that the time allotted by the husband to the excitation process, you are sorely lacking to start. Instead, ask a loved one go through all your erogenous zones (but they are not limited only to the clitoris or labia). Tell me how you are turned on touching the Breasts or inner thighs, biting earlobes, neck kissing – a lot of options. Affection husband encourage your moans (genuine, without hypocrisy or replay) to see how easy it is to drive you crazy with a simple touch, and repeated the exercise in the future.

How to get husband oral sex

If a husband likes oral sex, do not hesitate to ask him to give you pleasure this way. In the intimate life of the complexes is not the place, do not be afraid to ask to stimulate the clitoris language, if you like – no shame in oral foreplay no, because it is another way to have fun, to experience orgasm and to achieve harmony in all aspects of the relationship, including sex life. Many men like to give pleasure to the language, but often stiffness women at this point, all the spoils, and the partner tries to quickly jump directly to the traditional sexual act.

The main thing – not to keep it all to myself, and to speak with loved ones, to hint to him that you don't like what is missing. Do not berate, do not get angry, do not make claims that can provoke the complexes and the rejection of intimate relationships. Do not expect that everything will change for the better in itself, proceed to next night to make a memorable, not complaining that affection of the husband does not excite and does not turn.

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