Love yourself. Starting with this simple task, you will put everything in its place. Don't sacrifice yourself for him, do not neglect their interests. Assign several cases to the man, and you will free up your time to focus on yourself. Beautiful, well-groomed woman, who like myself, is much more attractive to a man than a cunt.
Not ismatavimai themselves with work and household chores. After returning from work, do not rush to grab all the cases in a row. Get help man - you're tired for the day as he is. If you can't assign regular duties, every night handle different requests. It is unlikely that your man will deny you.
Sometimes be unavailable. All men are by nature hunters, and their independence and feigned indifference you will only pique his interest. Show coldness, and then suddenly become playful in a public place. Flirt with him until you are in sight - he's counting the minutes until the seclusion with you.
From time to time make him a little jealous. "Accidentally" miss a call from him, or during a conversation with him excitedly tell me that you have a call on line two. After a party with friends or going out tell us how it was fun, especially during competitions and to play doubles. But do not overdo it, causing jealousy. Remember that your goal is to strengthen relationships, not ruin them.
Accept compliments correctly. Do not say that dress is old and that you have nothing to wear, if the partner is approved you in it! This you lower their self-esteem and questioning your attractiveness in his eyes. Just smile and thank your man, even if I don't share his enthusiasm.
And finally, always remember that you are a woman. Not to carry with him the heavy bags, even if you quite hard. Stop screw the light bulb, to open beer bottles, clean out a clogged sink, to hammer in nails. Especially if your man is home! You must seem to him a weak, defenceless creature wants to love and protect. A feminist and be in those moments when no one sees you.