The beginning of the work

After you start Sony Vegas 10 you will see the program window consists of several blocks. Clockwise — viewing window, the window mounting and the area of fixing Windows. First of all, you need to create a new project. This is done in the standard way via the menu. In the opened settings window, change the configuration by itself. You can choose a ready template or manually set the size and frame rate.

Add the video you want to edit in the new project. To do this, in the upper left panel, select the "explore" tab and select the file system desired file by dragging it to the timeline at the bottom. The picture from the video will be on the left.

The most simple action to start editing — insert image at the beginning of the movie as a sort of title page. For this, you are already familiar with the "explore" tab, select the desired file and drag with the mouse on the timeline with the video. Align the edge of the image with the beginning of the video. To add any transition effect, open at the top left of the tab "Transitions" and select any effect in the list. Drag and drop it on a scale similar to the image. To the video also can apply effects, which are in the tab "video Effects".

For the simplest of operations — trimming, speed change, etc. - you can only use the mouse. Press the left mouse button on the edge of the video track and trim the video without releasing the button. If you want to slow down the playback, click on the edge of the track, holding the Ctrl key. To combine some pieces of video, just put one on the other. Finally, to add text, select "Insert text" from the context menu (right click mouse).

Advanced editing

As an example, professional video editing, consider using the helpful tool "Crop" and "Key points".

Open the tool "Crop" via the menu "Tools" — "Video" — "Crop". You can also just click on the tool icon at the end of the file. In the settings window you can zoom, rotate, aspect ratio, etc. Interesting feature of this tool — the task key or a control frame. In the settings window framing, select the "key Management personnel" and their second set. For example, on the keyframe you can zoom in or zoom out the image, change the animation speed. This is a very useful and effective way to make videos interesting and attention-grabbing.