You will need
  • program Sony Vegas.
Make sure that the configuration of your computer meets the system requirements of the program Sony Vegas. You need a processor with a frequency of at least 1 GHz at least 1 GB of RAM and the graphics card is 128 MB.
To work with video in HD you must have multi-core CPU and GPU with better specifications, better not integrated. You can download it from official developer website at the following link: or buy it all other ways.
Install the program on your computer, following the instructions of the installer. Run it, enter your license key and other details necessary to continue working with the software Sony. If needed, download a programme for it-Softonic.
Go to the creation of the project, preparing the necessary material. Connect to your computer equipment, from which you will produce copying materials, memory card camcorder, cassette, hard disk and so on. Data is best transferred to the disk, this will increase the speed of the program.
Select create a new project using the File menu. Add the videos using the options menu of the program to mount the video at your discretion. When the final version of the film will be ready, select render video from the File menu, and wait until the end of the operation, its execution depends on the length of your movie and the total size of the files.
Save the project by selecting your desired video file format. If you encounter problems with the program Sony Vegas find online tutorials that will help you further faster to navigate through the program functions, to discover many additional features and improve overall skills.