First we need editorial program is designed to work with video files. Software of this kind a car. The most popular are Sony Vegas and Pinnacle Movie Maker.
The first two programs is a product of the development of independent companies. But the third – a child of the creativity of bill gates and his team, namely the development of the company Microsoft. Therefore, we can conclude that this editing video is part of the Windows operating system. Therefore, it is easy and free to start working with him.
Run the program. If you have any questions about the location of Movie Maker, you should look for it in the tab "Entertainment". Although this program generally is on a par with everyone in the General tab "All programs".
Launched the program. Immediately it is recommended to reduce the window to half the screen. Then select the movie you want to cut a fragment, and drag it to the storyboard line at the bottom of the window, breaks the movie into frames). The greater the weight of the film, the more time will be required in order to decompose it into shots. Plus a lot depends on the hardware of the computer. One way or another, but some time will have to wait.
When the storyboard is completed successfully, will only find the necessary piece. To do this, at the top right of the window there is a black square. He plays the role of a player, and that it is necessary to rewind the film until, until the desired point is found.
More a matter of technique. Put markers at the beginning and end of fragments of interest, aside, cut, open a new window. Plug-in stored in a convenient format. Commonly used *. AVI, but there is, as they say, not for everybody. The work is completed, the fragment cut.