You will need
  • - software for installation;
  • - crack to the program.
When you download a program from online resources note the presence of the Russian language. Usually, the description FOR this Supplement is indicated in several ways. In the listing of the program parameters in the line "Russian language" can be written: there, is, ML, or crack. In the latter case, this means that the user, in order to set the Russian language, you will have to download it to your computer.
Depending on what format you crack, your action may be slightly different. First, you will need to unzip the program file whose folder you will find a special document. It can be called differently, as in the attached text document-instructions must be the explanation.
The format of the file for the Russification of programs, can be varied. In most cases it is either .exe, either .lang, .dll. Although you can meet and other extension app.
To start the Russification program, it must first be installed on your computer. To do this, run the installation file of the permit .exe and follow the wizard's prompts to download the program. Then open the downloaded folder and find the file to install the Russian language.
If the crack is in the format .exe to complete the work, it needs to be run and specify the installation path. Usually it is enough just to note the program folder, and then needed to russifitsirovannye files are automatically copied to the program.
If the crack another extension, would have to act differently. You will need to copy the document (in the format .lang) and put it in the program folder called "Lang". Sometimes to add a new language just enough to insert the copied document. Although often there are cases when you need to replace the files. In this case, replace the files and close the program folder. After that, run the program and can use it.