If this phenomenon is the result of a temporary disorder of the digestive system, to help yourself you can own. For example, by using folk remedies.
Before embarking on a herbal treatment, it is necessary to balance the diet and eliminate foods that cause flatulence. It's cabbage, onions, milk, legumes. You also cannot drink any sodas because they contain a lot of carbon dioxide.
To get rid of bloating will help products such as eggs, rice, meat, various seafood. Adhering to this diet, you will soon notice an improvement in their condition. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract will cease to bother you.
If the transition to proper nutrition didn't help, and the bloating continues to torment you, should undergo treatment with medicinal herbs. An excellent remedy for flatulence dandelion. Take two tablespoons of dried roots. Pour warm water (200 ml.). Drink the infusion should be every six hours.
Also an excellent remedy for flatulence is parsley. Prepare it the same way and apply inside five times a day. Severe flatulence can be remedied by using oil of fennel. Prepare a solution of one part of fennel seeds, ten parts water. Should take before morning and evening meals.
If the bloating waste gases is difficult, you can use grated carrot seeds. This folk remedy relieves symptoms almost instantly. A good effect has Rowan. Flatulence usually retreats if in the morning and in the evening take a mixture of ash, peppermint, Valerian and fennel. Components pour boiling water and kept for a day. Then take one hundred grams.
Numerous useful properties of chamomile. Brew the plant with boiling water, cool and drink at least three times a day at equal intervals of time. Use the garlic. It favorably affects the stomach, reduces bloating. The tool can be purchased as a ready-additives, or make your own from fresh garlic. This can be a garlic soup based on chicken broth.
Treatment of flatulence herbs better than the medical treatment. Besides the fact that they have a great effect, they have virtually no contraindications. The only drawback is the effort that should be applied in order to prepare one or other decoction or infusion.