Advice 1: What to do if you accidentally farted at all

The human body can produce different sounds, some of them impossible to contain. Sneezing, coughing, and bubbling in the stomach, belching and blowing gases - all of these sounds the most obscene is the last.
What to do if you accidentally farted at all

As gases formed

Gas in the intestine consists of several components – the air you breathe; the gas from the blood; gas, which is obtained as a result of what is happening in the body chemical reactions; gas produced by bacteria in the intestine.

The composition of the effluent gases from the body depends on several factors – composition of food, quantity of air inhaled, of the intestinal microflora, time of containment gases.

The gas moves down the intestine, the gut compresses the gas and sends it into the anus. This process is called peristalsis. This process begins as soon as the body gets food. Therefore, most gases it is necessary to release it after a meal.

Peristalsis creates a zone of high pressure, which forces the contents of the intestine (including gases) move into the area of low pressure, which is at the anus. As gas molecules are more mobile than other components of the intestine, they are collected into one large bubble and move to the exit.

Sound when letting off gases from the anus is formed due to the fact that the sphincter prevents their exit. It is the sound that produces the "head" of man, which was released in the society of Gaza. And according to the rules of etiquette to farting on people is considered bad manners.

What to do if I farted on the people

Fart indecent, but not always, a person is able to keep your body within the limits of decency. If you accidentally farted in front of everyone and everyone's noticed it, then you need to apologize. Otherwise, you can not dwell on this, i.e., to pretend that nothing happened.

When letting off gas in a public place, you can try to mask the sound of any other loud sound – coughing, sneezing, moving the chair, to speak loudly. If, however, the sound drew attention, try to smile, gestures to show "well done" and continue to go about their business.

If you are at all released gases, and it drew attention, you can try to wrap the whole thing into a joke. In the end, we all have embarrassments, do not make this situation a tragedy.

In order not to embarrass

The fact that your intestines are not okay at the moment, you can feel in advance. Try to go to a private place (ideally in the toilet) to release gases there.

So your body is not formed much gas, you should have a closed mouth, chewing food thoroughly. Before going into a public place, do not eat a lot of legumes. Gases also contribute to Smoking, chewing gum, carbonated beverages.

Advice 2 : What to do when a cat sneezes

Cats, and all animals are the same health problems as humans. May be pneumonia, "cat flu", and even allergies. Sometimes the owners may notice that their pet cat sneezes. How to understand that the cat is sick?
What to do when a cat sneezes
Why a cat sneezes, it can be understood, but carefully watching his appearance, feeling and behavior. The reason may be just dust under the wardrobe, accidentally caught in a pet's airway. But if the sneezing persists, it may be one of the symptoms of incipient disease.

First, it is necessary to exclude the presence of parasites, which in some cases is accompanied by sneezing. Therefore, the owner preferably is urgent to give your pet drugs from worms. They are sold in every veterinary pharmacy specifically for cats and are used depending on the weight of the animal. They are mixed with a small amount of feed and give your pet. At the same time all family members should be taken protivogelmintnye drugs for people.

After this procedure, the catm should be drip drops between the shoulder blades for fleas. The allocation of fleas can cause allergies, including sneezing. If after the introduction of the new food or immediately after purchase seat pet began to sneeze often, but other symptoms are not observed, this may be a consequence of allergies. It is desirable to perform changes in the life of a cat in the last week, and when he began to show worrying signs. Sometimes it is enough just to eliminate the allergen.

If these measures did not help, and the cat continues to sneeze, do not try to find answers for veterinary forums. Because of such advice "blindly" you can lose precious time needed for effective cure of the animal. Rule dangers of self-medication applies here. The danger may threaten not only the pet but also other Pets, and even the hosts themselves. For example, feline toxoplasmosis, and chlamydiosis are serious threat of miscarriage in pregnant women.

Sometimes cats sneezing accompanied by watery eyes and runny nasal discharge. At the same time the animal is deteriorating appetite, appears listless. Such signs may be present as in the virus feline herpes and in many diseases of the upper respiratory tract caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses are: toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, Bordetella, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus etc.

If after treatment of the parasites and eliminate the possibility of Allergy in an animal, cat sneezing continues, you should consult the vet to put the animal properly diagnosed and prescribed effective treatment. Then the owners of the Pets – it's time to make all the necessary procedures, whether nose drops, injections or medication in the pills. So Ganado careful to comply with all hygiene measures and to limit the interaction of a sick animal with the household. And the owner serving cat, you have to wear protective mask and gloves.

In any case, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. For this purpose, special vaccines. It is best to start to instill in young kittens aged six weeks. Until the age of fifteen weeks with a frequency of 3-7 weeks babies are a few vaccinations against leukemia, rabies, cat flu and panleukopenia. Also do not forget about good nutrition and animal hygiene.

Advice 3 : What to do when a low pressure

Low pressure (below 100/60 mm.) can be no less dangerous for the body than high. This hypotonic condition is triggered by pathological or physiological changes. While the age factor is not critical, and hypotension may also be observed in the young, and the elderly.
What to do when a low pressure

A number of people constantly have reduced rates of blood pressure (about 90/60 mm.), feeling quite normal and not suffering any dizziness or weakness. This is due to the physiological characteristics of the organism.

Sometimes the pressure may be reduced in a healthy person as a result of adverse weather conditions or a strong nervous tension. In this case, the person usually feels weakness, nausea, headache, apathy, drowsiness. The first ambulance in this situation is a Cup of sweet strong tea or coffee with a sandwich. Some makes a contrast shower for 10 minutes for someone best medicine is sleep.

If you often feel weakness, drowsiness, shortness of breath, headache, absent-mindedness, and monitor systematically shows low pressure – it's time to consult a doctor.

These symptoms are obvious signs of primary hypotension. This condition is a signal of dysregulation of blood vessel tone. Over time this can lead to serious complications in the cardiovascular system. It is very important that you visited a specialist and were prescribed a course of treatment, and not try to make their own a variety of tools from hypotension.

To provide first aid for the permanent weakness and reduced pressure, use infusions of medicinal plants. Buy in the drugstore tincture lemongrass, ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Echinacea purpurea or Rhodiola rosea. You should note that all of these drugs have a pronounced tonic effect, and in certain diseases is contraindicated. Therefore, before their admission should also consult a doctor.

If hypotension it is recommended to make acupressure point massage. Press on the pads of the little fingers and the depression located between the nose and lips.

If you are experiencing low rates only bottom pressure, and the top is elevated, you should undergo a serious examination of the cardiovascular system. Similar symptom can be a symptom of aortic valve insufficiency.

Low pressure is often accompanied by pathology of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, nervous system, anemia and other diseases. Be sure to consult the doctor and get a thorough examination to exclude the development of secondary hypotension.

Advice 4 : What to do if you are coughing blood

Cough is a natural reaction of the body to foreign bodies and germs trapped in the respiratory tract. However, sometimes during a cough produces mucus, mixed with blood. As a rule, intimidating, and leads to terrible thoughts about serious diseases.
What to do when the cough is allocated blood
Blood with cough may stand out because of an injury or illness. Even common colds can trigger the appearance of blood streaks in the mucus. And all because, all mucous membranes during disease swell and become irritated, and even a bit of a cough is able to cause disruption of small blood vessels.

Sometimes the blood along with the cough stands out and for very serious reasons. We are talking about tuberculosis, chest injury, pneumonia and cancers of the respiratory tract.

What to do at the first appearance of blood in cough

The first thing to do in this case is to seek qualified medical attention, especially if coughing up blood for the first time. The doctor must describe in detail the sight of blood in the mucus, the nature of the cough. Be sure to mention the following points if they have a place to be:

- the patient takes drugs that can cause bleeding (e.g., aspirin);
- the patient had pneumonia or chest trauma;
patient smokes systematically;
- there are other symptoms (pain and fever, vomiting and nausea, shortness of breath or difficulty swallowing);
- the patient passed a medical procedure, which could damage the mouth or respiratory tract.

When people have difficulty otraslevoe a large amount of blood, it is necessary to deliver it in medical institution. This symptom indicates a strong internal bleeding resulting from trauma.

How to avoid coughing up blood

In cases where the hospitalization or treatment of the patient is not required, you can think about how to avoid such severe irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. This aspect leads to the appearance of blood during coughing.

A few tips on how to keep mucous membranes of the lungs:
- leave cigarettes in the past;
- avoid contact with irritating substances;
- avoid polluted places;
- if necessary, use protective masks;
- avoid blood clots;
- do not forget every year to do a chest x-ray.

Remember: the appearance of blood in cough is a dangerous sign. May damage small vessels, but it is possible that is a symptom of a dangerous disease. Be sure to consult your doctor at the first appearance of blood in cough. Timely diagnosis and medical assistance will help you to preserve the health and sometimes even life.
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