Consider why there is gas? During the meal, sometimes the ingestion of air, the pancreas may not make sufficient quantities of enzymes for digestion received into the stomach of food. The remnants of undigested food begins to ferment and rot in the gut. This process is accompanied by flatulence.

Food factory of our body produces many different odorous compounds. Hydrogen sulfide is considered the most fetid of them. If you perenasytil stomach food rich in animal proteins, the body begins to exude a smell of rotten eggs - a sure sign of the presence of hydrogen sulfide.

At the same time a sour smell exhaust gases warns against excessive hobby legumes, cabbage, radish, nuts. And fans of beer and kvass often feel a sour smell if they exceed reasonable consumption rates of drinks.

Most gases that are formed in the intestine, have no unpleasant smell. Normal gases must regularly leave the human body. However, the conventional rules not always possible to do so.

Causes of gas formation may be different. Here are some of them: incorrect unbalanced diet, lack of digestive enzymes that enter the stomach while eating air, lack of exercise.

How to get rid of gases? If you consistently perform the following rules, you can avoid the problem of gassing.

  1. Observe the correct way of life. After meals, take quiet walks. Moderate exercise will be beneficial effects on intestinal motility. Avoid stressful situations – they are not the best way affects the body.

  2. Eliminate from your diet certain foods that cause flatulence: beans, cabbage, grapes, pears, sodas, juices, ice cream, etc.

  3. Do not overeat and chew food. The discomfort of overeating will reduce the adoption of activated carbon or smecta.

  4. Try herbal infusions teas of peppermint, fennel and chamomile.

Such simple tips! But as they needed many people to maintain their health.