You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - hexagons;
  • - a hammer.
Spider chair can be made of metal or plastic. Diameter can be: 580, 600, 680 mm. the chair, intended for children, are set to cross smaller diameter, and large – on the office chair. If the plastic cross-piece is able to withstand loads up to 100 kg metal 20 kg more. When this plastic breaks more often, so it is best to replace the spider of steel.
Replacement of the cross begins with the dismantling of the old. To remove it will need so that not to damage the housing of the gas lift, which is installed in the middle of the cross. In this case you cannot use all his power, otherwise, it will damage not only the gas lift, but the whole mechanism of lifting and lowering the computer chair.
Remove old cross-piece rollers and remove topgan, which is attached to the seat by means of four bolts. Topgan remove gaslift few mild hammer blows on the perimeter. In addition, the broken d-pad, you can cut it with a regular hacksaw. Gas lift can remove in two ways: from the housing or from the cross.
In the center repaired the d-pad is a ring with five lugs used for fixing the plastic casing. Using a flat screwdriver pry the ring and fold the edge of one of them. Then gently slide the cover, to make it easier to remove the edge of the ledge. This procedure should be repeated for all five plastic covers.
Now with steel case remove the stoppers, then insert your new. On the rays new crosses put one casing and secure them in dedicated tabs of the retaining ring. In the new plugs, install the wheels and sit on the recliner to check its serviceability.