Advice 1: How smoothly release the clutch

In the process of learning to drive the most difficult for both men and women — to learn to gently, gently let go of the clutch. Not everyone turns immediately to learn how to do it correctly. Therefore it is useful to learn a couple of simple tips.
How smoothly release the clutch
It is very important to first learn to feel the car, not just on the machine to make some jagged steps with hands and feet. Realizing this, you will soon learn to start moving without jerks, smoothly. There is one exercise, carrying out which you will be able to see how smoothly drop the clutch. To run it you need to fill a plastic Cup with water. Directly on the water level, which will remain after the exercises, it will be possible to determine the degree of smoothness of lowering your grip.
Some newcomers to the issue of squeezing the clutch sometimes there is a misconception that the heel should rest on the floor. In fact it is not. You need to choose such position in which the heel you will have on weight. Slightly bend the leg at the knee, drive the foot and not feet. That is, press the clutch pedal fully on the weight, hold to a certain point, and only then put your heel on the floor. Subsequent adjustment of the feet.
Own clutch of about 2-3 cm relative to the total stroke of the clutch pedal. That's why drivers with experience try not to squeeze the pedal until the end. Typically, the driving schools they teach you to start and drive without gas. Then learn to perform the same operations, but with gas. Due to this, in the end, you can learn to let go of the clutch smoothly, Gaza.
The most important thing in the process of beginning to feel the moment of "seizure" of the clutch. To visually trace the time and the tachometer. Then gradually press the gas pedal, the car will take off, then gradually release the clutch. More practice, over time, learn to do it right. Experience plays a huge role. Don't get nervous, otherwise your actions will be sharp, that does not give the smoothness while driving.

Advice 2 : How not to drop the clutch

Sudden release of the clutch pedal – the most common problem of mastering the basics of driving beginners. The inability to smoothly and accurately move of not only girls, but also young people who first sat down behind the wheel of a car.
How not to drop the clutch
You will need
  • - the car;
  • - free site;
  • - a glass;
  • - water.
The reasons for the sharp relief of the clutch pedal, as a rule, are "misunderstanding" of the car and too much excitement. If the last reason is clear, it first must be explained. The car didn't seem inconvenient to use and cumbersome, it should "feel".
There are practical exercises on the development of smoothly squeezing and releasing the pedal. For the acquisition of the first skill, select a site free from cars and people. Sufficient plot size of 30X30 m. the stretch machine to that site must be performed by a driver.
The first exercise is aimed at keeping the engine rpm. Place your right foot on the accelerator. Depress the clutch pedal and put it in first gear. Release the hand brake, continuing to keep the clutch squeezed. So you have prepared the car to exercise.
Start to release the clutch pedal very slowly, making sure that the behavior of the car: the engine will load, it revs start to fall. Your left leg needs to remember this position actuation of the clutch.
As soon as you feel that the motor has reacted lower speeds, stop this exercise to let go of the clutch. Make a small delay and depress the pedal, then disengage the gear. If the engine slowed down the momentum is not stalled, the aim of the exercise is achieved. If stalled, do the exercise again.
The following exercise aims to smooth the squeezing of a pedal. The meeting is necessary to take a plastic Cup, filled to the brim with water. The essence of this exercise is to judge how smoothly you move the level of water remaining in the glass at the end of the exercise. If the glass is still full, you did the right thing. If not, you need to practice the previous exercise.
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