Advice 1: What types of face fit elongated quads

Elongated quads in 2014 is at the peak of popularity among fashionistas and women looking for a. Its simplicity and elegance makes the haircut essential in creating the perfect image. Elongated quads suitable for any type of person, however, different variants of its implementation and stacking allows to further improve its features.
What types of face fit elongated quads

The advantages of an elongated square

Long haircut-Kare gives harmony and softness to women with a small head, and ladies with large proportions allows us to emphasize the delicate contours and features of the face and hide its imperfections. In addition, the hair may well come to a huge number of outfits – extended version of the haircut will embellish the evening dress, and a strict office suit.

The distinctive bar is an elongated square straight bangs, which allows women to always look fresh and young.

Long bangs as an elongated square adds a special piquancy, femininity and lightness. Profiled straight bangs with perky curls will make its owner a daring and bold. Strict independent women are ideal elongated Kare short, a completely smooth form. Add colors to the haircut will help you experiment with a middle parting – it can be as oblique, and direct. Staining of an elongated square with bright colors and deep shades will give the haircut of creativity.

The types of persons to an elongated square

Elongated quads suitable for any type of face – a round face regains proportionality, and the features are balanced and flat out. However, you should not do parted in the middle and cut out a clear horizontal line of the caret. Narrow and oval face is combined with a graduated elongated quads with direct thick bangs.

To give the haircut more volume, you need to do careless and even a little chaotic stacking.

With a square face shape, elongated quads will soften the features and create a perfect oval due to the cascading strands of straight long bangs. This haircut in various options flatters the face and hides his shortcomings. However, elongated caret requires careful maintenance and correct installation – it is necessary to trim every month and put every day to haircut looked shapeless and tattered.

When laying the caret wet hair should be dried in the dryer and twist the ends with a round brush. Straight hair can be achieved using skeletal combs or flat irons. Quadravest is achieved with the use of Curling irons or paper shoes, tied to wet hair, then the curls need to fix the foam for fixing the hair, dry with a Hairdryer and comb with your fingers. This will ensure that the elongated caret natural and stylish sloppy look.

Advice 2: Elongated Bob: stylish and practical

Elongated caret goes out of fashion for a long time. This hairstyle looks really nice and neat, moreover, it is very easy to care for. It is believed that elongated quads suitable for almost any hair type and face shape.
Elongated Bob: stylish and practical

Elongated Bob: haircut and styling

Hair length when extended caret should be slightly above the shoulders. Hair can be cut smoothly, or make more long strands of hair on the back or front. This haircut can be done with bangs or without it. In fact, and in another case, the hairstyle will look harmonious and stylish even after simple styling with a comb and Hairdryer. Elongated quads will help correct face. This haircut will disguise the chubby cheeks and wide cheekbones, soften a severe jawline. Caret with bangs will visually slim long nose and hide a narrow forehead. This hairstyle emphasizes the neck line.

Elongated caret is placed with a comb and Hairdryer. Need to comb slightly damp hair and divide them into parting. Start from the nape of the neck, gradually moving to the temples and the crown. To give the hair volume, you can slightly backcomb them at the roots. Twisted inside your hair on the sides of a round comb. You can use large rollers, coiling them dried hair. Then you have to dry a hair dryer and fix the varnish.
If the caret is executed with bangs, start it, and then proceed to the back of the head.

Options an elongated square

This haircut can be accomplished in two ways: asymmetric elongated and graduated Kare Kare with elongated strands. Asymmetric caret has long strands from a person, they become shorter to the back, opening the neck.
Asymmetrical elongated caret is possible to add highlights or coloring. This hairstyle will look very stylish.

Elongated graduated Kare performs "the ladder", so the strict lines of the haircut are a bit blurred. This way is more feminine and soft. Haircut is a more voluminous hair look thick and lush.

Hairstyle with long front strands also called "Bob". The back of the head trimmed close, and the front locks make a longer length. This hairstyle can be with bangs or without, it can be done with straight, oblique or zigzag parting. In any case, this haircut will look stylish.

Laying an elongated graduated Kare also will not take much time. It will need a dryer, round hair comb and a few clips. Wet your hair, comb them. Parting. Divide the hair into several zones: the rear zone and two lateral. Separate clip top layer of hair, so it does not interfere. Dry the hair at the nape. Then proceed to the rest of the hair. Carefully remove the clamps from the top of the strands and distribute them on already dried and dry them Hairdryer. The same needs to be done with the side strands of hair.
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