You will need
  • - Ice;
  • - peppermint extract;
  • - med;
  • - needles;
  • - food film.
First we need to identify the cause of heaviness in the legs, it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician. The main causes of heavy legs: limited mobility or prolonged stress, seasonal exacerbation, heart disease, obesity, lymphedema, spinal pathology, kidney, vascular system, joints of the lower extremities, heart, flat feet, pregnancy, diabetes and certain medications.
Come home, lie down, arranging his legs so they were above his head. Can be put under foot cushion or rest on the couch. Stay in this position for ten to fifteen minutes, then you feel a weight lifting. This method is recommended to prevent the development of venous insufficiency, varicose veins. Try as little as possible to wear tight clothes and linen, it prevents the normal circulation. At least temporarily refrain from uncomfortable shoes, and shoes with heels.
Before you shower, do an easy self-massage of the lower legs special massage brush or hands. After a swim, spend a foot massage towel upward wiping motion in the direction of the current of venous blood. Try to keep track of body weight excess weight increases the load on the cardiovascular system, impairs blood circulation in the legs.
To remove heaviness in the legs, you can use effective baths with pine needles. Take one hundred grams of pine needles and pour a liter of water, put in a water bath, and boil for twenty minutes. When the broth is completely cool, strain it and pour in a basin of warm water, dip there feet and hold for fifteen to twenty minutes. After a bath the heaviness will pass. For foot baths you can use an infusion of the branches of the chestnut and oak.
Quickly get rid of heaviness in the legs will help wipe a piece of ice with the addition of a small amount of peppermint extract. You can use contrast baths. Lower turns feet in hot (40 degrees), then in cold water (15-18 degrees). In warm water the feet should be kept five minutes in the cold for ten seconds.
Honey compresses will help to cope with the weight and pain in the legs. To do this, take the honey and brush over the calf and ankle, on top of wrap the feet in cling film and leave it on for the maximum amount of time. After some time rinse off the honey from the heavy legs will not be over. This honey poultice can cure osteohondroznye and spinal pain.