Advice 1: How to get rid of tired legs during standing work

Standing at the end of the day the legs can ache and "buzz" so much that a person becomes hard to walk. However, the problem is not only unpleasant sensations, but that the result can be a serious disease, such as thrombophlebitis or varicose veins, so the sooner you take action the better.
How to get rid of tired legs during standing work

The main ways to quickly relieve foot fatigue

First, let's worry about that your legs less tired. To do this, you should regularly perform special exercises, wearing only comfortable shoes, use of orthopedic insoles and other similar products. This will help to prevent diseases and to reduce discomfort after the end of the day.

If your legs are tired, they need rest: it is desirable to lie down, moreover, so that the feet were elevated, as this will increase blood flow and help relieve pain. The best option is just to put under the feet of the pillow. It is advisable not to throw in this one foot to another – this will prevent the free circulation of blood. If you have varicose veins or other serious disease, be sure to use special drugs prescribed by your doctor.

After resting for 20-30 minutes, take a foot bath. You can use the decoction of Linden, chamomile, horsetail or plantain – buy dry herbs at the pharmacy. Well, if you add some sea salt. The water temperature should not exceed 37о Celsius. Average duration of procedure – 10-15 minutes. By the way, this will help not only to ease the discomfort, but to simplify the pedicure and foot care.

How to get rid of extreme fatigue and pain in the legs

If fatigue is very strong, try using contrast baths. To do this, take two pelvis, one filled with water temperature of around 40o Celsius, and the second with cool water. Then you need to dip both feet first pelvis, hold for two minutes and dip in the second. Repeat this process for half an hour. Definitely need to finish with cold water. After the bath the feet thoroughly and lubricate them with the ointment or cream to relieve fatigue. Then it is recommended to lie down, put your feet up on a pillow and rest for 5-7 minutes. After this procedure, you will feel much better.

Another great option is a foot massage, especially if you do it after the bath, both conventional and contrast. Apply the cream on the skin to relieve fatigue and gently massage first the whole foot, then each toe separately, and then proceed to the ankles. Please note: people with varicose veins are strongly advised not to resort to this method of solving problems – it is better to combine the bath with the use of special medical ointments.

Advice 2: How to get rid of fungus on your toes

Infected with fungus in public areas or while using shoes, socks, hygiene of the sick person. Standard terms of treatment of fungus on your toes is about a month under the condition that all medical recommendations.
How to get rid of fungus on your toes
You will need
  • antifungal ointments and creams;
  • - liquid Burova;
  • - a solution of aluminum chloride;
  • - wine vinegar;
  • soda, salt, infusion of coffee;
  • lemon or onion juice;
  • butter, garlic;
  • - the flesh of Kalanchoe.
Get rid of those items that had contact with the leg – throw away shoes, socks, washcloths, towels, etc. If the shoes feel sorry, then try to handle it the inner surface of the lemon slice will have to do it once a week during treatment. Such measures are taken in order to prevent the repetitiontion of infection.
Visit a dermatologist, who will deliver an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary medications. Usually for the diagnosis of PTS is enoughtion of the examination, but sometimes the doctor takes a scraping and send it to the study.
Use a prescribed antifungal ointment and cream. This is usually formulations containing miconazole or tolnaftate – drugs you should handle the skin between the toes morning and evening. Ointment apply not only to the disappearance of symptoms, but for two weeks after that, to exclude the possibility of recurrence.
Therapeutic lotion with liquid Burova should be applied to restore the integrity of the skin – moisten pieces of cotton wool in the solution and place between toes for some time.
Apply drying wiping. Better suited for these purposes a solution of aluminum chloride order it at the pharmacy and treat the skin between the fingers three times a day. Once the fungal infection disappears, continue to treat your fingers for two more weeks. It is possible to alternate the treatment with potiranie aqueous solution of soda.
Use the methods of traditional medicine, which can be combined with medication. In the evening wash your feet with soap and carefully handling the interdigital space. Lubricate the skin with vinegar, and if defeated is strong, then make a compress and leave it on overnight (wear socks soaked with liquid).
Periodically, do a foot bath with baking soda and salt, coffee extract, etc. the Affected areas apply lemon or onion juice, garlic ointment (50 grams slivochtion oil mix with 4 crushed cloves of garlic), a mixture of alcohol and Chesnoktion of the juice. If wounds in the skin deep, try to heal their flesh Kalanchoe – cut a piece and secure it juicy side against the sores. Secure the poultice with a bandage, and the next day and change the paper on the fresh.
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