To start, try to reduce salt intake, including foods containing hidden salt, such as chips. Try not to stay long in one position, sitting or standing; do not place the foot on the leg.
Several times a day, do exercises for the legs. For example, it is an easy exercise: stand on a solid, level surface. Raise your right leg and balance on your left within a few minutes. Then switch legs. Repeat the exercise several times.
Eat fresh cucumber juice, it helps eliminate fluids from the body. A similar effect has watermelon juice. Also diuretic has a pumpkin.
Wipe the feet with a piece of ice. It will be perfect if you prepare medicinal infusions of chamomile and sage Il the rate of 2 tablespoons per Cup of boiling water, and then freeze them.
Having a foot massage. Begin the massage from the toes of the feet and work up to the inguinal folds. You can apply the oil for best glide.
Make bath for the feet. Pour boiling water the flowers of chamomile or horsetail (100 g), boil and dilute with water to volume of 3-4 liters.
Prepare a mixture: in a Cup of olive oil add a teaspoon of salt. Achieve full dissolution of the salt and this mixture RUB the feet. Instead of salt add in the butter and lemon juice.
Helps swollen feet a poultice of bran. Prepare a paste of wheat bran, spreading their milk. Apply on feet and leave to dry. After rinse with warm water.
Eat the jelly from flax seed. To prepare it, a spoonful of flax seeds pour a liter of water and bring to a boil. Then keep on heat for another 15 minutes. Leave the mixture in a warm place for an hour. Daily drink up to a liter of this jelly during the month.
Great helps with similar problems Shilajit. Dissolve Shilajit in milk and take it inside twice a day to 0.3 grams; you can add honey. Follow such a course: 25 days - 10 days interval 25 days of receipt.