If you feel that the muscles in your legs are too tight, you can remove this stress by using warm bath with essential oils. This method is very easy but quite effective. Fill the bathtub with warm water, add a few drops of essential oils of chamomile, lavender, rosemary and lemon. Soak in this bath for fifteen minutes, then you will notice an improvement. Your feet will be relaxed.
If this bath did not bring the desired result, you can massage your feet. RUB hands, feet, toes, calves and shins. For this you can use a special massage cream or oil. If you can't cope, talk to a professional. It will show you what to do, and later you will relax your legs.
To relieve pain and tension in the muscles of the legs, the physicians are advised to use a warming ointment, for example, "Finalgon". They are able to provide a relaxing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Just apply a little funds on a busy site and RUB it, rubbing into the skin. On top of tired feet can be covered with a woolen scarf. The effect of the ointment starts within twenty minutes after its application. But remember, if your feet are some of the affected areas, you should not apply a ointment. In addition, after using this tool, you should refrain from taking hot or even warm baths.
In addition to the use of special medications and warm baths, you can relax tense leg muscles with some exercises. Lie on your back, bend your knee and lift it up, slowly shaking it. Sit on a chair, feet should be tightly pressed to the floor. Lift the toes up, keeping the heels off the surface, and then, on the contrary, lower down the socks and your heels lift up. This exercise should be repeated several times. You can also lie on your back, raise your legs at the top and lean them against the wall. The voltage should quickly pass.
Also to relieve tension from the legs, you can use warm bath infusion of horsetail. Take two tablespoons chopped dry grass, superelite them in one liter water for thirty minutes. Pour the tincture in a basin of water, put there feet and leave for 15 minutes. The same bath can be taken from infusions of chamomile and a small amount of salt.