Benefits of immortelle?

Useful properties of Helichrysum is widely used in pharmacology. Based on the extract of this plant made pharmaceuticals. It is scientifically proven that the herb Helichrysum is a diuretic and choleretic action.

A decoction of the flowers of this plant contains arenarin, which is the antibiotic of plant origin. This is a very valuable component because it is able to exert an antibacterial effect, without disturbing the intestinal flora.

In Helichrysum also contains stearic compounds that prevent bleeding, relieve inflammation and have disinfectant properties.

What diseases are treated with Helichrysum?

Flowers of immortelle are the main component of choleretic and diuretic herbs, which are prescribed for gastritis, ulcers, diseases of the bladder and kidneys.

This plant often prepare teas and tinctures and they are treating colds, colitis and constipation.

Due to the pronounced choleretic properties Helichrysum is used to treat hepatitis, cholangitis, gepatoholetsistitah. This herb also helps eliminate parasites from the body.

Helichrysum indispensable in the treatment of skin diseases. It can help you to get rid of psoriasis and lichen.

From the get immortelle essential oil, which can lubricate the bruises and injuries to accelerate healing.

Who can not apply Helichrysum?

Some mistakenly believe that treatment with infusions and decoctions of herbs are absolutely harmless for the organism and may not have contraindications. But the effect of preparations based on natural raw materials is not less intense than the effects of synthetic medicines. Helichrysum is no exception, so its use requires caution.

In the treatment of Helichrysum need to adhere strictly to the recommended doses. It is also necessary to monitor their status, because it happens idiosyncrasy of this plant.

Decoctions and infusions of immortelle increase blood pressure, so people with hypertension to take.

Though Helichrysum is indicated for gastritis, but if the disease occurs in an acute form, it can be used only with the permission and under the supervision of a physician.

Pregnant women should not take drugs, which is composed of Helichrysum, because it affects the development of a fetus.

Long-term use of this herb can cause problems with the liver, so the treatment period should not exceed 3 weeks.

If you are going to undergo treatment with immortelle, visit a doctor in order to know exactly whether you have contraindications to its use.