You will need
  • Clicker
If the dog recently came to you, do not rush with the training, wait for it took some time and she was accustomed, accustomed to the house and began to trust you. Learning teams start only once between the two of you make contact, be patient and love.
Explore modern methods of training, which deny the use of contrast training method, when done correctly command the dog gets a treat, and for improper execution – punishment or even pain. Such methods involve the use of strong dog collars and other tools that cause pain to the animal. This leads to the fact that training a dog involves constant stress for her.
Modern training methods based on the principle of "stimulus-response" that follows from the doctrine of I. P. Pavlov. It allows you to teach an adult dog teams, developing a conditioned reflex on the basis of inborn, unconditioned reflexes: defensive, food, rough. To generate your pet a conditioned reflex purchase at the pet store clicker – a small metal or plastic box that when pressed on that, heard a quiet click.
Testing each team start at home when there are no distractions. After 2-3 days, move the lesson outside. Be careful at the time of submitting the command, the dog the dog's attention focused on you. Giving the command, follow the behavior of his student. Once the command is completed properly, quickly, click the clicker and immediately give the dog encouragement. His conditioned response: correct the command – click of clicker and treat.
When the dog reaches a certain progress, add distractions during their studies. If during the execution of the command, the dog will be distracted, don't punish it – click the clicker, drawing her attention. Then try the command again and get her performance, awarding him with the treat. The dog will quickly understand that obedience is well stimulated. Once the reflex is generated, a clicker, you will not need.
Teach the dog a few hours before feeding and every 2-3 hours thereafter, at different times of the day. Practice and secure the team's complex for several at the same time. Development teams should not last more than 10 minutes, the dog is not too tired, one time, repeat 3-5 times. Start the lesson with testing of the new command, then repeat with those that are already familiar. A dog, even an adult, quite capable of learning, only for testing commands and their absorption will require a little more time than a puppy.