Select a place where will live the dog. Hard and thick wool hunting Terrier allows him to perfectly feel in the apartment and on the street. Please note that in the too warm room the dog is shedding, and when street maintenance she will need comfortable and spacious kennel and aviary. Terrier – not a chain dog, besides she is quite headstrong and free-spirited.
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Since the appearance of the dog in the house accustom him to obedience. Your pet must learn his name, to obey the commands "come" and "fu". From the hunting Terrier is a strong character – don't let him set the rules. If necessary punish the puppy by rubbing it with a rolled-up newspaper on the nose or shoulder. Do it rarely and only in the case of a serious infraction.
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Hard otocice the dog from the habit of picking up trash on the street, bark at passersby and cars is very dangerous. Food the dog should only receive from the hands of the owner, for a hunting dog this rule is especially important. Make sure that your pet does not get into fights – hunting Terrier innate nastiness and fearlessness. If you don't want a small dog become the terror of the surrounding houses, don't let him off the leash until he will obey commands.
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Teach your dog to clean regularly visivite its coat with a stiff brush, wipe paws after a walk. If a pet lives in the house, don't let him sleep on the sofas and chairs – to relax the animal must on the comfortable couch. In addition to rest, the dog needs long walks and regular outings where he can freely run.
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From puppyhood teach from the hunting future hunter. In a kennel or at the dog Park, you can arrange the layout of the holes for training. Playing with your pet, encourage him to climb on to this trainer. Later trips to pritravochnye station to accustom the dog to the game. The range of trophies that can produce a hunting Terrier that is very broad – he can walk on water birds, Fox, raccoon, rabbit and even wild boar. If you do not plan to hunt, make your pet guard – he is guarding the house, car and other property.
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