Low forehead

The value of the low forehead is determined differently. In General, this forehead belongs to the people who know what they want. They achieve much in life. This is a people full of practicality, knowing how to achieve the goal. If the forehead is straight, it means that man differs kindness and real generosity. If it's flat, it emphasizes the slowness of its owner in thinking and actions. Such a person is too judicious, constantly weighing all the pluses and minuses before you make a decision.

High forehead

On the person's forehead a lot. Perhaps on a subconscious level, people with high foreheads are perceived as great intellectuals. They are successful in the scientific field to quickly memorize information and convert it. They are active and inactive. But often in the personal life of a man with a high forehead not too successful. But in everyday life he does not always manifest itself rationally. It is easy to cheat, since he is naive and dreamy.

Too much forehead can talk about laziness. This is the other side of the coin, as a wise man may not use its resources to end. In addition, broad foreheads often say more about the arrogance of man. He considers himself better than others and does not hide it. He can be proud of, but the desire to put their best qualities on display is not for the future.

Smooth and high forehead means cleverness owner. Bulging forehead is a sign of genius. These people stand out immediately. They can be introverts, but they always say.


It is possible to learn on the forehead on the nature, looking at its shape. So, rectangular forehead says about judgment and the ability to listen to wise counsel. People with such heads can easily adapt to any conditions.

The rounded shape is handled differently in men and women. At first it is a sign of stubbornness and big ambitions. They have a lot of plans that they are successfully implemented. Girls with this form of the forehead easily find common language with people. They are open and ready to sacrifice their interests for others.

The letter "M" formed because of hair growth, creates wedge-shaped forehead. Its owners successful in art. Creative activities for them rises to the fore. They strive all the time to devote to it, sometimes forgetting about other aspects of life. To learn about the character on the forehead of such a person and what he purpose of others. His dedication and talents give the chance for success.