Dimple on the chin: think about it in the old days

Of course, before all that distinguishes man from the General mass, were something mystical and wrong. Any peculiarity in appearance was perceived as a "mark of God" to the surrounding people immediately could guess that you are dealing with the ordinary person and, most likely, terribly cunning.

Of course, that people with the dimple on his chin also identify the individuals outstanding. It was believed that such people are endowed with a very strong character and indomitable will, always achieve the desired result and is able to multiply his fortune. Also the owner of a dimple on his chin and attributed negative qualities. It was believed that these people are duplicitous, very cunning, resourceful and willing to go to extreme measures to get the benefit.

Which means the dimple on chin in women

A woman with a dimple on his chin is capable of much. Nature gave her the power, which distinguishes it from the rest of the fairer sex.

She is a born leader and is not afraid to take responsibility. She is able to bravely overcome difficulties. Not surprisingly, women with cleft chin often succeed in their professional career.

She attracts men by his internal potency and mystery. However, not every man can long remain by her side. Her temper and impulsive nature prevents her to compromise. The selfishness of a woman with a dimple on her chin,stopping her to listen to the opinions of others. It is very difficult to build a calm, measured family life. In the end, the man gets tired of her constant desire to dominate and looking for a more quiet and predictable person for joint life.

However, if a woman with a dimple on his chin will be able to get over himself and learn to fight with their weaknesses, but she could build a strong family.

Which means the dimple on the man's chin

The owner of a dimple on his chin is strong, persistent, purposeful and courageous man. Beside him the woman feels secure. He is always ready to take responsibility and make sometimes very difficult decisions. In stressful situations he acts prudently and calmly.

This man has a bright temperament, so it is difficult to remain faithful to just one woman. He has no shortage of female attention. He knows what women like, and he is not indifferent to female beauty.

Negative traits of a man with a dimple on my chin: recklessness, blunted instinct of self-preservation and recklessness. He is sorely lacking patience. He often acts rashly, which leads to various problems.