Oval face
Holders of oblong faces, as a rule, people are prudent, balanced and reasonable. They stubbornly moving toward the goal, periodically showing exceptional organizational skills.
Triangular face shape - the sign of a great talent. At the same time, people with this face shape have a quarrelsome nature. They do not know the feeling of devotion.
People with trapezoidal faces are usually intelligent, artistic and extremely sensitive. They are not inherent fighting qualities.
Square shape face shows, usually about masculinity, severity and cruelty. Holders square faces straight, persistent and intractable. They strive for power and success, and in this fight ready "to go on heads".
Cruality person, usually, gourmet and sybarite. He is gentle, good-natured and peaceful. Odnoko, if a person has prominent cheekbones and a high nose - he can be a brilliant commander or leader.
The shape of the nose
Holders of long noses, as a rule, conservatives with a strong personality.
Short nose - a sign of openness and a positive attitude.
Forked tip of the nose gives the man a shy and insecure.
The nose belongs, as a rule, people are cunning and shrewd and vindictive.
The shape of his mouth
The owners of a large mouth, usually, a people courageous, determined, configured for career growth.
A small mouth indicates a weakness of character.
Thin lips - a sign of pettiness and delicacy and stiffness. Thick - a sign of sensuality. Protruding upper lip says about indecision and vanity, the bottom is about selfishness.
The shape of the eye
Large, wide-open eyes indicate masculinity and power. At the same time, the owners of the big eyes characteristic of some sensitivity and even sentimentality.
Small eyes are, as a rule, people closed, secretive, but permanent.
The owners of black, brown and green eyes usually people are energetic and sensitive. Hazel - shy. Grey eyes indicate fidelity and constancy.
If the edges of the eye is slightly sloping upwards is a sign of sensitivity and decisiveness. Down - kindness and care.
The shape of the eyebrows
High thick eyebrows belong, as a rule, people are motivated, inclined to leadership.
Long, low set eyebrows indicate conservatism and tranquility. Short and thick eyebrows - the variability of nature, independence, and temper.
Unibrow belong to the people are resourceful, straightforward and decisive, tend to dominate.
If eyebrows are practically invisible - it may be a trick.