Facial features and facial expressions
Thick eyebrows talking about heavy character and leadership nature. Rare smooth eyebrows is not a man no sense of loyalty and friendliness. Long hairs on the eyebrows are outlined by cut lines indicate wisdom and a long life. The artistic nature give large eyes, but rather small, not prominent eyes characteristic of faithful people with morals and solid life principles. Small nose said that in front of you doubters. The bluntness of the nose produces such qualities as honesty, harmony. Snub-nosed members are always smiling and sociable. People in power have a pronounced aquiline nose, and good nature is the nose "potato". Dimple on the chin is gently hinting loving and inconstancy in relationships. Thin lips and wide mouth talking about the determination of man and of vigor. Full lips have a bit of romance and frivolous people.
If a person brings to his mouth a hand, it means that he feels that he is deceived. When he rubs his ear and wants to Express himself and tired to listen. If he touches his neck – he feels doubt and uncertainty. The most famous gesture – propping cheeks hand, says that man became boring. If the arms are clamped in position skrashivaya, you should change the subject or end the conversation.
Lowered head and elevated shoulders, taken from eye glasses say that the other person is tired of the conversation. Quick repetitive steps in the office indicate the acceptance of the important decisions. Put together hands talking about arrogance and excessive self-confidence. People, to pay attention to his clothes, constantly adjusting it, clearly has the intention to stop the conversation because of disagreement with the statements of the interlocutor.