Keep in mind that the ability to read the human face and precisely define its nature and destiny are gifted, not all. Only a person sensitive and perceptive, possessing a trained mind can become a good specialist in the field of physiognomy. Develop analytical way of thinking, the ability to quickly focus. For in-depth analysis and, therefore, the most accurate definition of human nature, get the medical education. You must be a good psychologist to catch the nuances of the moods of the individual and to see the whole picture of his character and destiny. The degree of your education depends on your level in the field of physiognomy.
Consider the features of the face separately, and in its unity, bearing in mind the principle of balance and proportion. This will allow you to get more accurate information. For example, the size of the nose on the face should be evaluated taking into account other facial features. Only in the case of his apparent disproportionality can be concluded that the nose large, long, etc. I Wonder what a long nose can indicate a conservative person, arrogant, but completely unsuitable for business and business communication.
Analyze facial features, following the following principle: the better they are balanced and proportionate, the more the character of a person. Consider the condition of the skin and muscles. If, for example, you see a man endowed with a shrewd direct gaze and face, which can be attributed to interesting and deserve respectful attention, make the conclusion that before you is a whole person with a strong resolute character.
In addition to determining the shape of the face which can tell a lot about the character of the owner, pay attention to five key elements: the ears, eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nose. Then proceed to the assessment of the forehead, temples, cheekbones and chin. Note that often any one of these elements can "close" the other, gradually revealing the nature of man. Write down all your observations and make logical conclusions.
Pay special attention to the eyes. There is a guide to determine your perfect eyes, outstanding person, outstanding and has a huge talent. First, such eyes should be ideally combined with all other facial features. When you look into the eyes of a man you must see his head, hair, all the existing elements and features, which shows their proportion and beauty. Second, the upper and lower eyelids should be harmoniously developed. Third, irises should be well centered, be clear and smooth.
In ancient times, there were about 39 types of eyes, which gives an idea about the traits of human nature. For example, there are eye of the Phoenix - a very graceful, elongated eyes with double eyelids and small "tails" pointing up and down on the outside. Irises have strong luster. Such eyes often give talented and successful managers of large corporations and enterprises, and businessmen. However, these eyes can be determined and the famous creative person, for example, a famous artist or scientist. Not less numerous are the descriptive features and other facial features.