If you want to know how smart and erudite man, pay attention to his ears. The science of physiognomy claims that there are sane people, they are located above eye level and the higher, the smarter their owner. Also about the mind and judgment of man says a high forehead.
The shape of your face can make assumptions about the character of the stranger. People with a severe square jaw, as a rule, aggressive, and stubborn, of those who goes ahead to get their way. The holders of the elongated individuals together, they often have a great figure, which they are proud. Chubby usually likable friendliness and cheerful disposition, but can be bruskami.
Look at the amount of facial hair. Both men and women due to an overabundance of hormones in the body are more abundant than others, to grow hair above the upper lip, sideburns, forehead lines. These signs testify to the passion nature, and heightened sense of ownership. The jealous are often those who have thick, heavy eyebrows.
They say that eyes are the mirror of the soul. This is sort of true: it is possible to determine the nature of a man. Not coincidentally, the most like people with big open eyes is nature open, sensitive. But the little, deep-set eyes testify to the tenacity and observation, attention to detail.