It is hard to imagine a garden without garden of cucumbers, although this heat-loving vegetable is very demanding to heat, regularity of watering and sprinkling, as well as the quality of the soil. To see the next crop of cucumbers to enjoy the abundance, to prepare a place for cucumbers you need to have in the fall. You should choose the Sunny place, well sheltered from the wind, remove weeds and dig the soil to a depth of 25-30 cm to Ensure a better heating of the soil in the garden is possible, having arranged it from East to West. If the soil structure does not correspond to favourable conditions for growing cucumbers, you will need fertilizers.

Favorable soil structure for cucumbers

The owners, whose garden plot is located in the floodplain of the river can be proud of a rich harvest of this vegetable, not having special preparation of the soil. Sandy and loamy fertile soil with shallow groundwater is what you need cucumbers. There is only one drawback – the lack of potassium salt.

A lover of moisture – cucumber does not tolerate light, sandy soils, which are not able to keep it. But heavy land, where long retained excess water, not for him. With increased acidity of the soil will also have to compete with liming.


Choosing a place for cucumber beds, you need to pay attention to what plants were growing there before. The best precursors are onions, cabbage, potatoes and perennial grasses. Suitable plot planted this season's tomatoes or garlic. If best places for cucumbers not so much and you have to plant them from year to year on the same square, the top layer of soil must be removed. You can make autumn high warm a bed of grass, leaves harvested at this time of the harvest, placing the bottom of the rough waste: trunks from sunflower, corn, cut branches and foliage of trees. Fold over the potato peelings, moldy bread and other food waste.

Many gardeners have adopted the method of planting cucumbers in the compost heap, which is issued hewn planks sides. Heat, which is necessary for cucumbers, is produced by rotting the bottom layer of the beds and vegetables can be sown much earlier, covering on top a film. Since branches are not capable of humus in a single season, it is possible to arrange a place to cucumbers in the same place more than once, replacing the top layer of fertile land.

Rules of application of fertilizer for cucumber

In the upper soil layer (30 cm), where will be planted the cucumbers, you need to make mineral and organic fertilizers. Their number depends on the existing soil structure. Potassium and phosphorus feeding should lay in the fall. Nitrogen cucumbers required, but if necessary it is required in the spring, because, unlike the first, quickly falls apart. On average, each square meter of land for cucumbers required:

- organic matter (humus, peat) – up to 7 kg.;
- crushed limestone – 6 kg.;
- the potassium salt of 10-25 grams;
- superphosphate – 50-60 Gy.;
- ammonium sulfate – 17– 25;
- ammonium nitrate – not more than 25 grams.