Advice 1: How to grow a good crop of cucumbers

To grow cucumbers in the South and in the North. Key conditions for a good harvest two: select zoned varieties and the construction of a film covering structures (if there is a threat of low temperatures). With proper cultivation of cucumbers with a single beds can provide for a family of 3 people.
How to grow a good crop of cucumbers
You will need
  • - soil;
  • seeds;
  • - fertilizers;
  • water;
  • - shovel;
  • - watering.
Decide how you are going to grow cucumbers. If we are talking about the Central regions of Russia, they can be grown in the open ground, for the Northern regions necessarily the construction of greenhouses. Also hothouse or greenhouse growing method chosen by those who want to get an early harvest. For greenhouses typical thoroughness: the Foundation and glass railings – removable or permanent. Greenhouses are usually arched structure, covered with plastic wrap.
Prepare the ground. Use crop rotation and do not grow cucumbers for more than 3 years in one place. Such constancy is undesirable due to the leaching from soil of the same nutrients that eventually leads to its exhaustion. Also grow vegetables in one place is undesirable because of the increased risk of diseases.
Proustite seeds seedlings. It is better to take 20-30% more seeds, because the last time used mainly hybrid varieties, and they are not too high germination. To grow cucumbers is in a weak solution of humic fertilizers (you can take "Ideal"). When you see small sprouts, the seeds should be planted in the ground prepared beforehand. Suitable mixture consisting of equal parts of garden soil, compost and rotted manure. Remember that cucumber is one of the few crops that tolerate fresh manure, however, the use of decomposed manure in this case is more preferable. At the stage of 3rd true leaf of cucumber seedlings should be thinned.
In the autumn dig the ground in the garden, in the greenhouse or greenhouse and make the double superphosphate. In the spring, about a week or two before planting, fill the land with organic fertilizers. To plant cucumbers in a permanent place better staggered, trying not to sagomate landing.
Care for cucumbers, the next day watering and rihla soil. In the beginning of budding to feed their infusion of fermented weeds or manure. When the cucumbers bloom, make the glaze only at the root. When grown in closed structures, don't forget to arrange ventilation. It will protect the planting from dangerous diseases such as gray mold.
Fertilize cucumbers at least 3-4 times per season. Before flowering they are responsive liquid feeding with nitrogenous fertilizers. Improve the education of the ovaries fertilizing with potassium nitrate. Increases the duration of the fruiting fertilizing with microelements.
Growing in the greenhouse. (How to grow a good crop of cucumbers.) In these terms it is necessary to plant in the greenhouse is prepared, that is covered by the film for a week. If you manage to successfully transplant the cucumber with a ball of earth and to protect it from frost, an early harvest is provided. In fact, from the beginning of may it is better to be on the station to air or, conversely, to insulate the greenhouse.
Useful advice
Optimum planting cucumbers in the mesh 70x60 cm this will achieve a doubling of the harvest, because plants don't have to share a place under the sun and experience the lack of nutrients. How to grow a good crop of cucumbers in the greenhouse? If you have a heated greenhouse, you can plant cucumbers hybrids "Paramon", "Unique", "hazel", "Mountaineer" or "Temp", which will provide you an early and happy harvest.

Advice 2: How to grow cucumbers in bags

Fans of the garden from season to season, come up with different ways of growing vegetables and fruits on their land. Someone is forced to do in order to save space, for some it's a hobby. In any case, innovations in horticulture will not interfere. So, now you can safely grow cucumbers in bags and barrels. Consider this method in more detail.
How to grow cucumbers in bags

To grow cucumbers in bags, first and foremost, you must prepare the inventory. This:

  • bags made of polyethylene with a volume of 60 liters, with two sacks on each "bed";
  • wooden lath or stick with the height of 2 meters;
  • tube with holes along its entire length, is hollow inside, with a diameter of several centimeters. Tubes need to advance with one end close;
  • Scotch.

Where to grow cucumbers in bags

Now define the place for the garden: it must be Sunny in the morning, but at the same time, shaded in the hottest part of the day so that the leaves are not burned from the sun's rays. And in the heat of the water evaporated faster, the land becomes drier. Dig this place a very deep hole, the diameter from the prepared trash bag. So the bed will be more stable.

Prepare the garden bags for growing cucumbers

Next pass one bag to another so the bed collapsed, if one bag breaks. Fill half with soil from the site, soil, store-bought fertilizers, manure or humus, in General, there is plenty to choose from. Well examine the ground to not fall branches and other sharp objects, so as not to tear the bag. Install the patch into the prepared hole.

To bed was more stable, the bags should be thicker and stronger. Now in the center install a two-meter stick, and a circle – hollow tubes with holes. The first essential for a garter of cucumbers grown already, and the second for irrigation and fertilizer. Add the soil in the bag almost until the end. Tuck the edges of the bag, making, thus, the side, and wrap the entire bag with duct tape. The tape will give the bed stability and integrity.

How to grow cucumbers in bags, seedlings or seeds?

Seedlings need to prepare in advance. It may be seeds and seedlings. Best suited seeds, prepared last year, as a 2-3 year old cucumbers will have more flowers "female", which then form the ovary. If seeds are purchased, to help prepare them to read.

  1. Warm up seeds at a temperature of 60 grads for 2 hours;
  2. collect only good seeds: in water, poor and empty seeds float;
  3. tempering: soak the selected seeds in warm water for one day, and then place the container with the seeds in the refrigerator for 3 days;
  4. sprouted seeds in the usual way.

Before all this procedure is to dry the seeds near the battery throughout the month.

How much can you grow cucumbers in the bag

You can now proceed to the main planting cucumbers in the ground.

In the bag the average amount you can put about 10-15 cucumbers. Gardeners have resorted to trickery in the bag they put 4-5 plants and the rest from the sides. To do this, make slits in the bag, back and planted cucumbers. Importantly, the cuts were not close to each other.

Tie the cucumbers should be when will grow 5-6 leaves. For this and need a rack in the middle of the garden. The higher you attach the second end of the rope on the stick, the higher will sprout and cucumber. But too high to tie up is not worth it.

Growing cucumbers in bags: how to throw

Go to the watering. Watering cucumbers going through the installed tube, it is convenient, even more convenient watering cans, as the land is so well hydrated, and water does not fall on the leaves of plants. In especially hot days, water should at least once in 2 days. The same applies to fertilizers: they must be in liquid form.

If you want to harvest cucumbers of the bags throughout the summer and until autumn, then plant several different varieties, ranging from early and ending late. Don't forget to cover the bed in frost or before a rain, because excess moisture can't get out of bed, and hail can beat young seedlings.

To grow cucumbers in bags is convenient and profitable

The advantage of this patch is that it can be placed on the site on the ground or on the balcony or loggia. Do not forget to remove it in the shade, if the balcony facing South. In addition, you do not need to weed, loosen the earth. Another advantage can be called the minimality of the likelihood of many diseases that affect greenhouse and ground plants. So for those who have small plots of land, can be recommended to grow cucumbers in bags.



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