Prepare cucumber beds

To grow a great crop of cucumbers in the open ground in advance, from autumn to take care of the place for their landing. Select a Sunny place, sheltered from the wind. The best predecessors for this crop are legumes (beans, peas, or beans), tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage.

Prepare the garden bed. Dig up the ground, carefully choosing the roots of the weeds. Add soil to sawdust, peat, compost, humus and manure. Leave like this until spring.

When the snow melts, the bed cover with black tape. This will help much faster to warm up the soil. In addition, it will sprout weeds that will be easy to remove before planting in open ground cucumbers.

Preparation of the plant material

To obtain an early harvest, should grow seedlings. Soak seeds plants within 2-3 days. After they hatch, plant them in peat pots filled with soil based compost, peat or pills that need to soak. Cucumbers really can not tolerate a transplant and the seedlings grown in these containers, you can plant directly in the cups.

Care of seedlings of cucumbers is timely watering and tilling the soil. After the appearance of 2-3 true leaves they can be planted in the open ground.

When planting cucumbers in the open ground seeds sort of quality from "empty". Do a simple test. In a glass of room temperature water pour the planting material. Pukka seeds will sink and the bad float. Collect them from the surface of the water and discarded, and the seeds sank to the bottom, drain and put into a linen bag.

2-3 days before the planting process the planting material in a solution of potassium permanganate to disinfect them from possible diseases. Soak them for 2-3 hours in a pink solution, then rinse thoroughly under running water and place on a saucer with a damp cotton cloth for sprouting.

Especially planting and caring for cucumbers in the open ground

When established positive daily temperature (after about may 10), planted cucumbers. The flower bed to dig and make holes in it at a distance of 50 cm from each other. To abundantly pour and let the water soak into the soil. In each hole put 2-3 seeds or one seedling. Again pour landing with warm water.

In may and early June, there is a possibility of frost, to the same night temperatures are still low, so the planting of cucumbers in the open ground it is best to protect. Put your arc and pull the film. This design will prevent the cucumbers from the adverse weather.

Before the first antennae to thin out the seedlings. Cut the excess bushes of cucumbers at the root. The surface of the beds will vzryhlite and propolice.

At the first antennae are necessary for tying up cucumber whip. The edges of the beds, set the stakes, they attach to the crossbar. Her stretch thin ropes that tie to the pegs and a small stick in the ground beside each Bush.

To the fructification of cucumbers in the open ground was more abundant, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of "blinding". Take the first flower of each plant. Later the ovaries will be much more powerful and plentiful.

Care of cucumbers in the open ground is abundant daily watering in dry weather. Because of this culture a large green mass, they require a large amount of water.

At the first swipe of the ovaries the first feeding slurry, depositing fertilizer about 3 times per season every 3 weeks. Very effective effect on the development of plant and its fruiting provides a foliar feeding of vermicompost. It must be diluted in accordance with the instructions and spray the cucumbers in cool cloudy weather.