Advice 1: How to plant cucumbers

Rare garden do not grow cucumbers. Cucumbers fresh and pickled, in salad and for canning, but you can just tear up a cucumber from the garden, sliced in half, prisolit and then sfruttati them squinting in pleasure. If you put the cucumbers on time and properly care for them, the first fruits from the bushes can be removed by the end of June.
Cucumber is one of the favorite garden plants.
Cucumbers are very tender plants, they are absolutely not adapted to survive in our climatic zone, so their cultivation should be approached with particular zeal. Planting cucumbers begins with the selection of seed. Do not lead to bright images, which are full of numerous packaging. In today's seed market cucumbers which only will not meet. But do not lose your head, purposefully look for those varieties that are familiar to you. For a beautiful picture can hide the seeds of varieties which, in our climate simply will not grow, accordingly, no harvest you get. Time and money will be wasted.
Open house purchased packaging, sort seeds manually. Empty, traumatized and shrunken seeds are not even worth trying to plant anything good from them will not grow. Wet the cheesecloth, wrap it healthy seeds, place on a saucer with water and place in a warm place for a day or two. In the meantime, fill the pots with soil.
The ground for the seedlings should start to prepare in advance for a couple of weeks before planting, and even better in the fall. Every gardener has their own recipe secrets, but ordinary soil for cucumbers should contain equally of garden soil and compost. Cucumber roots very easily break off, so better to land fill peat pots with which seedlings can be transferred on a bed.
Make each pot at the two hollows of the finger some distance apart, dip them in cucumber seed, sprinkle the earth and pour a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Cucumbers – light-loving plants, so keep the seedlings in a well lit area at a temperature of about 18-20 degrees.
Literally after 3-4 days you will have the first shoots. Without excessive pity discard sickly plants. To water the seedlings should be through the day, to water you can add special feeding and fertilizer. 25-30 days you will be able to plant cucumbers in the open ground.
Useful advice
Film greenhouse will help to protect the young plants from spring frosts.

Advice 2: Aphids on cucumbers: how to deal

A small green insect, looking quite innocuous, can kill cucumber whip. In July-August aphids reproduce surprisingly quickly and soon her colonies dotted the stems and leaves. Flowers wither, the ovary will turn yellow and fall off, the leaves curl. If you do not take urgent action, the whole plant gradually dies. How to deal with aphids on cucumbers?
Aphids on cucumbers: how to deal
You will need
  • - ash;
  • red pepper;
  • - celandine;
  • - plant potatoes or tomatoes;
  • - Laundry soap.
Aphids are very corrosives, so opalite your cucumbers tobacco dust, and even better if you add more red pepper. But since cucumbers love irrigation with water leaves, then soon they all will wash off. But colonies of aphids will disappear.
Spray on the leaves of cucumber extract and ash soap. Take a bucket of water 2 cups of ash and 70 g of soap. To prepare this remedy against aphids, astrogate soap and first dissolve it in a small amount of hot water. Then pour in the rest of the infusion. After 10-12 hours it is possible to spray the leaves with aphids.
Still well in the fight against aphids on cucumbers and other plants, helps infusion of celandine. This weed grows in abundance everywhere. Narva 1 kg of grass right by the roots, tear into small pieces and pour 5 liters of boiling water. Let it brew, dilute in half with water and treat plants against aphids.
Slice a potato, and even better the tomato, the potato, cover with water and let it brew. In 10 liters of water is required pounds tops. It's a very caustic liquid, from which aphids leave your beds.
Treat aphids on cucumbers in a mask and gloves. For those who have allergies, it is better to ask to do it someone close to you.
Useful advice
When working with celandine be careful, it emits acrid poisonous juice yellow color.

Advice 3: Growing cucumbers in a barrel: pros and cons

In China, the planting cucumbers in barrels a long time ago is a great success. We have a similar practice is not yet very widespread. Not every cottager dare to such an experiment, but in vain. This method also has many advantages.
Growing cucumbers in a barrel: pros and cons

If you wish to get not only a rich harvest of cucumbers, but also to add flavor to your plot, growing cucumbers in barrels is exactly what you need. Many gardeners who have already managed to try out this method in practice, don't want to grow cucumbers in the beds. Dare you to like this country the experiment, the more advantages he had enough.

First, the cucumbers in barrels is impressive and original. Just imagine how eventually drooping to the ground whip cucumber will mask the barrel. Such improvised beds on the plot will look very unusual and beautiful. But most importantly - like cucumber bed takes up significantly less space on the site and requires less fertile soil than traditional beds. So, only one barrel you can grow exactly the same vegetables as on a two-meter bed. And this trouble will require a lot less!

To place a barrel of pickles anywhere. Even where a traditional garden equip would be unreal. Thus, growing cucumbers in barrels will allow you to more rational use of suburban space.

Cucumbers are heat-loving culture. In a barrel planting will be much warmer than a regular bed. The bottom plants will get heat from the process of waste rotting, and the sides and top from the sun.

In addition, the process of loosening and weeding of cucumbers in barrels absolutely will not cause any discomfort. You will be comfortable not only to care for the plantings, but also to harvest. Agree that remove the cucumbers standing much easier and more enjoyable than sitting crouching or even crawling on the ground on his knees. Your cucumbers will fail to grow because the benefits you have on your mind.

Two hundred liter drums are available, not every gardener is, perhaps, the only disadvantage of growing cucumbers this way. If to speak about the significant drawbacks, they simply do not.

Advice 4: Side-shoot removing cucumbers in the open ground

If planted on a plot of cucumber vine does not bear fruit, although it is in good condition, it is desirable to make the side-shoot removing cucumbers in the open ground. Why and how phasingout cucumbers?
Side-shoot removing cucumbers in the open ground

Why make a side-shoot removing cucumbers

Stepchild is useless appendages that impede the development and growth of cucumber vines, making it impossible to tie the results. They deprive the plant of nutrients and necessary moisture. Stepchildren are formed on the main sprout leaves and remove them is necessary when growth reaches six inches. Pasynkovat cucumbers in the open ground, preferably closer to the middle of July, when the cucumber stem is in good condition and can give a good harvest. At the bottom of the stem it is necessary to leave two or three sprouts, to the end of harvest, on old stem, were able to receive the young plants, one rhizome. These simple steps can increase the emergence of new ovaries of cucumber and increase the harvest period.

Methods of pinching of cucumbers in the open ground

There are two ways how to pasynkovat cucumbers in the open ground. When you first removed the shoots, which were formed at the point where there is a nodal part of the stem, and the ovary of cucumbers need to leave. It happens in the outlets of the first five leaves. Formed a good volume and the Bush. The second method is more radical, in which in the axils of the first six leaves are removed along with stepchildren and ovary. To the immature plant had started to grow and gained strength, three you need to remove the joints from the beginning of growth. In the rest of the nodal points across the vine are removed only stepchildren.

Need to know what is pollinating (male) flowers grow on the main cucumber the vine, and the female on the lateral shoots. Side branches should form a shrub, but the growth on them of laterals need to be adjusted. The excess processes will delay the ripening of the harvest.

Side-shoot removing pollinated varieties of cucumber

Pollinated varieties of cucumbers are forming on the Central stem side-shoot removing the inverted pyramid. Basic cucumber vine is divided into four parts in length (starting from bottom). Pasynkovat cucumbers in the open ground begin with the first part, removing the shoots in the axils of the fourth leaf.

The second part of the scourge, after the appearance of the fifth and seventh leaf is remove side shoots: the point of growth of the lateral shoots is one leaf and the Bud of the flower, and the rest of the escape continues to further growth. You need a little pinched on the first sheet with one ovary.

The process of the growth of vines is going on, and from the eighth to tenth leaf side branches in the axils of the again pinch. In the third part of the whip the plant is at the two sheets and the same number of cucumbers. Starting from the eleventh sheet is cleared ovaries of cucumber. The shoots remain three leaf ovaries of cucumber. When the time came, and the cucumber whip formed two of the cucumber, then using pridobivanje stop further growth of the vines. From this moment begins the main branch occur on the sides.

It is desirable to prevent the further occurrence of shoots with flowers, and ovaries, as there is additional load on the stem.

Side-shoot removing cucumbers in the open ground will increase yield and improve the taste of the fruit.


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