Bed for cucumber

The cucumber is originally from hot and humid India, therefore, prefers exactly such conditions. Regardless of the sort, all the cucumbers have similar preferences. It is very important that the soil in which grow the cucumbers were loose, fertile and moderately moist. The good harvests of cucumbers show if growing in a warm bed – in the village it can be high manure bed, in the absence of mullein, you can make a warm bed of vegetable compost. When perepletenie organics stands out a lot of heat, which accelerates the growth and development of plants. Besides a great fertilizer throughout the summer.

Cucumber is 95% water, so for normal development he needs regular abundant watering. The water should be warm, at a distance on the sun. Otherwise the plants quickly begin to die the roots, the leaves wither and fall off ovary. Besides infrequent irrigation will lead to the fact that the fruits are bitter in taste, which is subsequently very difficult to correct.

Sun or partial shade?

Equally testing is the right choice of location for planting cucumbers. The fact that the sheet of cucumber needs bright light and the fruit tends to hide in the shadows. It is better to grow cucumbers on a trellis – in this case, the conditions will be met. The very structure of cucumber whip suggests that for normal development he needs support. In nature, the cucumber winding through the trees, with bright but diffused sunlight. Too bright and burning sun causes leaf scorch, which negatively affects the condition and yield of cucumbers. During heavy rains trellis will save the plants from fungal diseases, as well as provide an opportunity to place in the same area more plants.

In southern regions it is permissible to plant next to the planting cucumber tall plants: maize, sunflower and let it whip cucumber. In the Northern regions the best choice would a greenhouse with polycarbonate because of the short summer the plants without shelter will not be able to produce a good harvest. Greenhouse also meets all the conditions for normal development of cucumber: gives diffused light, the ability to put the whip on the trellis. It is convenient to arrange it and proper watering.

If the greenhouse on the plot, you can grow cucumbers in warm beds under plastic cover, but in extreme heat you need to cover the whip from the hot sun nonwoven covering materials. To stimulate the formation of new ovaries, have regularly once in two or three days to harvest.