Therefore, subscribers of any Russian operator may not think about the model of your phone and dial the number. In "the Megaphone" in this order of automatic settings is the number of the subscription service 0500. Call him from your mobile phone. If you can make a call only from a landline, then use the number 502-5500. In addition, this operator's customers can always contact the shop " or " the employee of the office of the company.
To obtain Internet settings subscribers of MegaFon can and with the help of the official website of the service provider. Simply go to the home page, click on the tab called "Phone" and then click on the column "Internet Settings GPRS and WAP". After that, you'll be request form which you will fill and send.
To configure the Internet on your mobile phone, and using the other way. To do this, type an SMS with text "1". You may also need WAP settings. To get them, instead of the number 1 supply 2. In the same way you can order settings (MMS figure that I need to write - 3). In addition, the clients of "MegaFon" available shortcodes 05049 and 05190.
In that case, if you are a subscriber of "Beeline", use one of two methods of connecting to the Internet. The first is the connection with the GPRS connection. If you select it, use USSD-request *110*181#. Well, in order to order setting of another type, dial *110*111# and press the call.
Users of another operator, MTS, also can at any time to order the automatic settings. For this, they need to call on toll free number 0876 or send an SMS without text to the short number 1234. Getting the Internet settings can be accessed through the company's website, and through the salon.