Turn the phone on, go to the menu "Messages", then "Settings", select "Email message", then "Accounts" Email. Enter the mailbox name. Next, select the type POP3. Then enter the email address (mailbox name without the " @ " symbol). Next, enter the password to access the box. Save the changes.
Select from preconfigured profiles Internet connection needed. So you can configure your mail in phone must be properly configured and connected to data services from the mobile operator. In the next window, enter address of incoming mail server, it usually has the form (this depends on your email server, you can look in the settings drawer on the computer).In the "Pop3 Port" enter the value 110. The check box in the options "Security" must not be set. Next, enter the address of the outgoing mail server, it looks normal format not insert a check mark in the option "Security". Save the settings.
Go to the menu "Messages", then select "Settings", click "Email messages", then choose "email Profiles", select SIM card. Enter a name that is associated with the operator, then enter the name of the access operator, the fields "Username" and "Password" blank.
Next, enter the dns server configuration provided by your operator. Server settings outgoing messages contact your mobile operator to have the possibility to send emails via the mail program. This information can be found on the website of the operator.
Run the application "E-mail", select "Function", then "Manage accounts", then select "New" and click "OK". Select the email client type your name and address. Next, enter the name of the incoming mail server, password and similarly for the outgoing mail server. Further the use of advanced settings, answer "No." Enter the name of the account to save the mail settings on the phone. Click "Save".