Dyspepsia or lack of enzymes

The inability to digest food is scientifically called dyspepsia. This means that the stomach produces inadequate amounts of the enzyme pepsin. Dyspepsia is a complex disease. It is accompanied by heaviness in the abdomen and upper divisions. The disease is also called "lazy stomach". The body responsible for digestion, refuses to shrink. This causes difficulty in digesting food, which leads to unpleasant symptoms: bloating, nausea, heaviness. At this disease saturation in the course of the meal comes very quickly.

The causes of dyspepsia still remain unidentified. As practice shows, neuralgia of the stomach may develop even those who are completely devoid of bad habits. Still, the disease occurs more often in those who abuse tobacco and drugs.

Treatment of dyspepsia

If the disease occurs in severe form, the treatment must appoint a physician. Commonly prescribed enzyme preparations that activates the activity of the stomach. From the diet must be completely eliminated foods that cause dyspepsia.

Popular treatment homeopathic remedies. To minimize the "lazy stomach" in the initial stage, you need to chew the food well. This is especially recommended for children as they are often in a hurry while eating. To be eaten in small portions several times a day. It is advisable to do this at the same time − so the stomach is ready for work at certain hours.

You must keep a balanced diet: limit consumption of animal fats, chocolate and sweets and fizzy drinks. In order to prevent the development of putrefactive dyspepsia is recommended to eat two hours before bedtime.

Often eat dishes, which include ginger − it improves digestion. No wonder ginger is recommended for pregnant women with toxicosis − it quickly relieves discomfort. Such spices as cinnamon and fennel also make the gastric juice is actively produced. Just pour the spices with water, boil and drink a tablespoon before eating.

Food hygiene

There are certain rules that can help get rid of the "lazy stomach". First, stop snacking on the go. Discard the sandwiches, prepared foods, fast food. They contain a large amount of fat which gastrointestinal tract is unable to digest.

Second, sit down at a table just in a good mood. With the predominance of negative emotions reduces the production of gastric juice. During the meal don't need to read Newspapers and watch TV.

Third, do not overload the stomach abundant portions of food. Overeating greatly inhibits the process of digestion. Take frequent fasting days, giving the stomach rest at least two times a week. These days the diet should consist of low fat cottage cheese, vegetables and baked potatoes.