You will need
  • - credit card;
  • - the passport.
When processing a credit card, always check whether the written data of the holder, namely a first and last name. This information is applied to the front surface of the card. Certainly put down your signature in the box on the reverse side of the card. Now she is ready to use.
If you wish to use a credit card for cashless payments, insert it into the ATM and use one of the functions, such as query balance. In General, the activation of the credit card automatically on the day following its execution. An activated card can be used in any places where accept payments for such a financial instrument.
Specify the size of a credit limit for your card type. To pay by card for goods and services only within predetermined limits. The amount of the credit limit usually has an individual character and depends on the income of the card holder.
Use credit card for settlement, and acquisition of necessary goods and services. Be prepared for the fact that when making such a purchase in the store you can ask for a passport. Credit cards can also be cashed. Note that for performing such operations through the ATM surcharge in the amount of 3% of the withdrawn amount. When you use the ATM of another Bank, the Commission can be higher.
To repay in a timely manner the resulting credit card debt to Sberbank. If you return the money to the card account before the expiration of the grace period, you will not have to pay for the use of funds.
If you are an active Internet user, you can use the card to pay for goods purchased over a computer network. Observe with care, enter personal information only on sites with a solid reputation.
Please call the customer service center of Sberbank, if you are using a card you have questions. Here you can see how the funds are debited from the card, what are the limitations in its use, as in the case of card loss.