If the value of the gift exceeds 3 thousand roubles, and when the gift is property, it always does the document need to register in bodies of rosreestra. Only after that it will have legal force. To assure him of a notary is not required, but to further the deed of gift was impossible to challenge, better to make him notarization, presenting a medical certificate stating that the transaction was a giver of sound mind and memory. Mandatory such a statement should be attached to the documents, if the age of the donor over 70 years and he gives not a direct heir.
The contract of donation shall take effect at the time of registration of this document. To register you will need to write the corresponding statement in territorial body rosreestra. The statement with the request to register the transaction and writes the giver and the receiver. Based on these statements, the certificate of title to the property issued in the name of the donor earlier, shall be canceled and a new certificate was already issued in the name of the donee.
In addition to statements, you will need to submit original receipts of registration of the transaction, the originals and copies of documents certifying the identity of the donor and the donee. If their name are mediators, they will need to attach to the documents a notarized power of attorney confirming their authority to commit this kind of transactions. In the documents you will need to invest in 3 copies, signed by both parties to the contract of donation, two of which will be returned after the registration, one will remain in the body rosreestra.
In the case where one of the parties is a legal entity, you will need originals and copies of constituent documents, the certificate on registration in the register, the certificate on statement of the company on the account in tax inspection. In addition, the donor must attach the legal documents confirming legality of acquisition of the gift which he sends. As a rule, the privatization contract or document of sale, certificate of inheritance or a contract of donation. They would also be required to submit certifying documents – certificate of ownership.
If necessary, you will need to present technical or cadastral passport on object of real estate, as well as information on persons permanently registered in this dwelling and those who have the right to use the property indicating the type of this right – the property.