You need to know not only what is the impact of this product, but also how to use oat bran to lose weight.

What is it?

If you have decided to eat oat bran for weight loss, not eating before bran generally, you need to consult with your doctor. This is a fairly rough product that can clog the intestines, if it is misused. Besides, do not forget that any bran, including oats, contain huge amounts of indigestible fiber. Therefore, they are contraindicated in people with impaired function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Why oat bran?

Oat bran is very effective for weight loss. First, they contain b vitamins, manganese and magnesium that strengthens the hair and improving the condition of the skin which suffer during dieting. Secondly, the fibre entering the stomach swells and long to digest. It gives a sense of satiety for a few hours. In fact, it turns out that you used a minimal amount of calories, and ate almost half a day.

How to purchase the product?

Oat bran can be bought in any pharmacy or Department diet. No matter where you acquire them, the main thing, attentively to read the label on the package.

Be aware that granulated bran, though more palatable, but effect them a little. This product contains salt, sugar and other preservatives, which reduces its usefulness to zero. Therefore it is better to take simple powdered bran without synthetic additives.

They give oat bran with natural pieces of cranberries or other berries? First, a more pleasant taste. Secondly, these supplements help improving digestion.

Receive mode

To achieve the desired result, and lose weight, you need to know how to use bran. As the product absorbing liquid, simply swells in the stomach, it is impossible to abuse it. You should not "eat" all bran to lose weight. It is an aid, not a meal replacement. Excessive consumption of bran can clog the stomach and you will not to weight loss.

Generally it would be better if calculate the dose of a doctor. Approximately we can say that a day an adult can eat no more than 50 g of bran. For beginners daily serving is 30 g.

Measured spoons of bran, 1 teaspoon is 5 g. That is, the day can eat up to 10 teaspoons of product. You need to consider that the initial dose should be 5 times less.

Bran is usually added to the yogurt, allowing them to swell for half an hour, or pour directly into the soup.