How to enter bran in the diet

Bran are of various kinds, from granular to crispy sticks. Any of them should enter into the diet gradually, especially if before you were fond of pastry, white bread and other soft and not too healthy food. Usually on the packaging with the bran you can find information about how much they should eat, but unused to the "rough" products should be reduced is specified on the package at least twice.

Best to start with 1 teaspoon a day for 10 days. Then the amount of the product can be increase up to one tablespoon daily for 2 weeks. And after to 1 tbsp. spoon 2-3 times a day. But it is important to pay attention to your health – it should tell whether the selected number or not. While taking bran no problems, and the more pain should not be. It is best to use bran courses, taking breaks between them in a month or two.

As it is bran

Since bran is pretty rough food, it is required to drink plenty of water, milk or natural juice. Otherwise, they can damage the delicate lining of the esophagus, stomach and intestines.

It is best to dissolve the required amount of product in hot water, wait for 15-20 minutes until the bran to swell and become softer, then drain the water and eat the resulting mush, drinking the same milk, juice, kefir, yogurt or plain water.

The soaked bran can also be added to various dishes such as porridge, soups and even salads. Might have them so it will be much nicer. Bran in the form of crunchy sticks can be used as a snack, eat them with tea or coffee.

Contraindications to the consumption of bran

In the use of any medications or vitamin complexes bran should only eat 6 hours later or abandon them altogether when taking medications, you need to exercise several times a day. The fact that this product promotes the excretion of various harmful substances, but together they can capture a certain proportion of members of the drug components.

Bran is not recommended during exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as gastritis, cholecystitis, various types of ulcers, colitis. Only when the mucous is restored, they can be used again for purification of the body and saturation of its different nutrients that carry bran.

To get involved with bran and consume them in too large quantities is not recommended, as it can lead to indigestion, the occurrence of constipation, flatulence and other gastrointestinal diseases. And cause deficiencies.