If you buy a purebred kitten, ask the breeder what letter of the alphabet should begin the name of your nursling. You will have time to find a suitable name. When imagination exhausted, open a dictionary or an encyclopedia – it's possible that there will be found need a buzzword. Note that except for the name your purebred cat will get the "name" meaning the nursery, where she was taken.
Look at the kitten. Sometimes the appearance of the baby will tell you how it can be called. The name may reflect a funny habit or feature of the exterior pet. Popular technique – a nickname alluding to the colour of the animal. Creamy British name Blondie, white – snow, silver-grey suit name Sylvie or grey.
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Take a cue from Hollywood to immortalize in the name of pet day when she came into your life, or the date of her birth. June cat can be called Young or June, December – Christmas, the one that was born in the spring, Martha or Maya.
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It is good idea to give your favorite a name after a famous personality abroad this technique is very popular. The beautiful Briton will fit nicknamed Marilyn, Cleopatra, lady Di.
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Felinologists believe that cats are indifferent to the hissing, a soft consonant and repetitive syllables. Names like Fifi, Cecile, Marie or Lilith should be your favorite choice.
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The British cat are very English names. Choose a short and sonorous words of one or two syllables – the cat will be easier to remember them. Among British and American cat owners popular nicknames Chelsea, Annie, dusty, Sophie, Fluffy, Katie, Princess, Queenie. Try one of them to his favorite – maybe she'll love it.
Do not choose a name that is identical in sound with the nickname other animal living in the house or out of the household. For example, if your son's name is Basil, don't call a cat Vassoi – the animal will always be wrong and in the end will simply cease to respond to the call.