Remember edible things white colors, their name can be used as nicknames kitten, especially if the animal has a good body. Importantly, the noun was masculine, so "candy" is not good. But perfect words: marshmallow, dumpling, dumpling, sugar, kefir, yogurt, cream.
Как назвать кота
Play around with foreign words for "white". For example, the well-known word "white" is easy in transformirovalsya the nickname "Whitey". To give the name of the kitten of mystery, or to reflect some traits of his character, you can use the Estonian “valge” Hungarian “fehér” Danish “hvid”, the Lithuanian word “balta” or more understandable to the Spanish “blanco” or the French “blanc”. All these foreign words are translated as "white".
как назвать чёрного кота мальчика
Use the online translators and try to find interesting words in foreign languages, meaning "ice", "snow" and other white and cool concepts.
как назвать чёрного котёнка мальчика
Think about what other white items are. The kitten can be given the name of Chalk, Marble, Bubble, Cardboard, Pearls, Dandelion. You can also use the names white animals, for example, "IRBIS" is a snow leopard.
как можно назвать белого обычного кота
Think of nicknames, opposite in their meaning of the word "white", "light". You can give a kitten the name Sooty or Black Star, but be prepared that everyone will ask you endless questions about why you gave that name to the kitten.
кота лучше всего завести
If you are a fan of any winter sport you can call your kitten a cute name you champion. For example, a good nickname is OLE Einar Bjoerndalen (the Norwegian star), Lasse Kukkonen (Finnish hockey player). Scandinavian names do sound funny, though not everyone will understand the relationship between a white kitten and a winter sport, however, the main thing – that was pleasant to you and the furry baby.