You will need
  • Cat or many cats, this article.
Remember all the popular cat names and nicknames so you don't accidentally call your individual pop name. Cornflower, Mr. cat, Kitty, Fluffy, very good, Kuzma, Murzik - all of this is eliminated! Now define the character of the animal, observe him - there may be features of cat behavior will give you the idea for the name!
клички для чёрных котов мальчиков
Remember nicknames of famous cats from the books, movies, cartoons - maybe your family member resembles any of these characters? Hippo, Boniface, Garfield, Roger, Leopold, Orion, Simba... Or remember your favorite characters - Alf, Aramis, Aragorn, Archibald, Brutus, Voland, hamlet, Guidon, Zeus, Zorro, Icarus, Casper, Lucifer, Porthos, Sherlock. Similar?!
Look at the celebrities, there is also a lot of names worthy of your pet - Arnold, Buckingham, Belmondo, Benjamin, Bismarck, Voltaire, Homer, Columbus, Magellan, Newton, Tamerlan.
имя для кота мальчика белого
Name your cat a name consonant with the name of breed cat - Abik, Highlander, Manczyk, Perseus, Rex,snow leopard, IRBIS, Loew, tiger, Tigris, Yaga. There are also cats that resemble their larger cousins, only in miniature.
Maybe call the cat by its appearance - Apricot, coral, Orange, grey, Smoke, Chestnut, Peach, ginger, Blackie, amber? Or looking at the behavior of the animal, will find a suitable to his character name - Ataman, Sir, the dark knight, Baron, Boss, brawler, Turn, Thunder, Demon, Diesel, Zhorik, Major, Marquis, Mr., modest, Mourlin, Pirate, pride, Prince, the Sultan, the Tyrant, Tikhon, Pharaoh, FOP, Sheik, Shock.
как назвать котёнка- мальчик
Look what the cat eats. Because cats are what they eat! Baton, Faflic, Yogurt, Donuts, Sausage, Cat Food, Anchovy, Chicken.
Look to yourself - cat your purchase and can share your passions. Akbars, Cupid, Atlas, Baikal, Bax, BAM, Bombay, Boatswain, Brussels, Jack, Versailles, Voldajj, East, Volcano, Jazz, Joker, DRAF, Danube, Yenisei, Cairo, Click, Cotangent, Coupon, Lotus, Pamir, Strike, Sportaka, Tibet. Among the geographical names of the many beautiful and sonorous names.
как можно назвать белого обычного кота
Remember about his dream and to remember it more often, tell the cat her name is Lexus, Mars, Dollar, Trip, Coupon, Prize.
Read or browse the dictionary of the Russian language, at the same time check the name value. But no matter how you named your pussy take care of it, remember that we are responsible for those who tamed!
Какого кота лучше всего завести
A Poem By Thomas Eliot
Choose a cat - this is not a joke,

It's you, sorry, not a song to sing.

Every cat I have not lost my mind -

Certainly three names needs to have.
First, a simple home name:

Peter, Augustus, Alonzo, Adam,

Victor, Cecily, Bessie Il Jimmy

My compliments to these names!
With them a number of names more difficult

As for gentlemen, for ladies:

Plato, Antigone, Admet, Niobe -

Again, the reverence for such names!
But you need something unique,

Separately and full of special beauty,

And that will not hold the tail vertically

And with the importance of not fluff moustache.
And here you have examples of this kind:

Primacy, Maysa, Coricopat,

Bombalurina and Cellmod -

Such double names are not allowed.
However, there is a name, the first two in addition,

Only the cat knows but we don't.

And whatever our unbearable

It will not open we still.
And, if you see cat absorbed

The thinking seems to be unearthly,

Know that he must be immersed,

In thoughts about thoughts about thoughts about the name.
About his incredible and deep

Embrace-immense, unfathomable

Secret name it.