Wordplay: the selection of a name for a cat with the dictionary

A nickname for cats – a reflection of imagination and originality of the owners. Drawing more attention to the thoroughbred representatives. After all, invented by the owner name will appear in official documents. Therefore, the approach to the selection of nicknames should seriously.

To call beautiful British cat you can use the dictionary. This case is perfect English-Russian and Russian-English. When choosing a name focused on the color and behavior of your pet.

For example, a black British cat perfect name to Find (night), Blacky (black), gloom (darkness), midnight (midnight) and so For the cat, wonderful name is DASK (twilight), fear (fear), Vampire. These names sound impressive, original and well-remembered.

Red cats look really funny and cause a lot of associations. To choose the name for bright favorite British breed difficult: the choice is very large. If we use the dictionary, red the cat can be called: gold (gold), Ingot (ingot), carrot (carrots), Sunny (the sun), etc.

When selecting the named professionals also recommend to focus on the character and behavior of the pet. If the kitten is restless, he is perfect nicknames Fun (fun, fun), joy (joy), Pickle (pickle). Understated British cat can be called Proud (shy), Princess or simply a Lady. Exhibiting the character of the pet can be called Trik (trick), Scratch (aggressive), Vantin (wayward, violent).

Association game: an individual approach

If a dictionary selection did not produce results, call British cat you can use games in the Association. Do it better with the help of family brainstorming. This approach will reveal the perfect name, reflecting and external data, and the nature of new residents.

A brainstorming session you can make the most incredible speech and Association that arise when looking at the kitten. For example, in the white British kid can fall down like a banal and unexpected, original proposals. It can be nicknames, Fluffy, snowflake, white (white), Casper (a Ghost from the cartoon), Winter, ice Cream, etc. the Second will be different sonority: Sakura, iceberg, Cox, Eileen (light), Oleander etc.

Sometimes the name of the "coming" itself. For example, at first glance or meeting. Do not refuse from any of the associations in favor of more beautiful and sonorous names. The first name is often the most appropriate and comfortable for both you and your British cats.