Rate its appearance: color, eye color, shape of the muzzle. Very beautiful is the name of Zlatovlaska, but if you want to give it a mystique, translated into any foreign language. In French the phrase "Golden eyes" would be "yo d'or" (sounds like one word, accent on the last syllable).
как назвать кошку веслоухий черный
Look at the cat behavior: how it walks, some specific habits. Cats also have the character, his traits are manifested from a very early age. If you don't like the sound of this line in Russian, translated into another language.
шатланка кошка вислоухая клички
The name may mean your aspirations and hopes. What you want to see your pet in a year or two? Formulate your idea in one word. If the Russian word is not appropriate, again use the foreign language dictionary.