You will need
  • Two mirrors
  • Candles
  • Handle
  • Paper
  • Scissors
Try to see her betrothed. To see the man you will marry, take two mirrors and two candles, consecrated the cross and go to some uninhabited room in the attic, in the basement, in the pantry. The size of the mirror does not matter, as well as their sameness. The cross must be removed, and keep close to a, the hair needs to be disbanded. Put one mirror on the table and two candles on either side of him. Light the candles. The second mirror press to his chest "face" to the first mirror so as to see the so-called "corridor" from reflections. Carefully look at standing on the table mirror, until I see in him my future husband. As soon as the silhouette of your future husband, immediately remove the mirrors, put out the light of candles and put yourself on the cross. According to popular belief, the girl zasmotrevshihsya on boyfriend, can carry off the impure force in the world of the dead.
Find out the name of the one who loves you. To do this, use the modern "heart". Take a pen and a sheet of paper. Draw a left hand a big heart. After that, take another sheet of paper and cut from it 4-5 squares which must fit in a drawn heart. On each square write any letter of the alphabet. Flip your squares with the letters down and put them on a sheet of paper with the drawn heart so that they were inside it. Mix the squares among themselves, repeating the phrase "my heart, show me the name of my boyfriend". At some point you will feel that you need to stop. Stop interfere and take the 3 squares that lie on the heart. Letters written on them will be contained in the name of your future husband. The most effective divination will be on Valentine's day.
Try to see the one who loves you, in my sleep. In order to meet narrowed during sleep, use divination on the pair. You need any thing consisting of a pair of socks, earrings, gloves. Put one part of a pair on and go to sleep, putting the second thing under the pillow. Before going to sleep, repeat three times the phrase "second lover forgot, in the dream will return". It is believed that your hubby will bring you a second pair in my sleep. It can be both your friend and the man you have to meet in the future. If you didn't see anything, it means that at the moment of divination you will truly not in love with or you have incorrectly performed the ceremony.