Amount of testosterone in men depends first of all from his lifestyle. To increase the concentration of this hormone by natural means, you need to abandon:

  • frequent drinking of alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • junk food.

You must maintain a balanced diet, sleep 8 hours a day to provide the body with uniform loads. In the latter case, it is not so much about exercise, but about mobile life: have to walk the walk, not drive, to climb stairs, not the Elevator, etc.

What causes low amount of testosterone

To know how to increase testosterone in men natural ways, you need to understand whether the amount of the hormone below normal. There are many indicators that will answer this question:

  • lack of sex drive;
  • slow metabolism;
  • reduction in muscle mass;
  • the deterioration of memory and thought processes;
  • the lowering of the tone and concentration;
  • fatigue, irritability.

If it was seen 3-4 signs at a time, then, most likely, the testosterone levels in men decreased significantly.

Natural ways to increase testosterone in men

To increase testosterone in men, recommended to use natural ways. Various drugs and supplements, doubtless, in a short time will increase the hormone levels in the body. But those side effects that they can cause, can cause significant harm. In addition, the effect of the drug will quickly disappear if you stop taking it.

In the beginning of the text was specified the reasons that lower testosterone. Therefore, you should do the following:

  • To abandon tobacco and large quantities of alcohol.
  • Exclude from the diet fatty foods, sodas, fast carbs.
  • To add to the diet citrus fruits, nuts, fish, lean meat, clean water.
  • Lead an active lifestyle, to ensure a permanent sleep, exercise.
  • Regularly engage in active sex.
  • Eliminate the stress.