Videos on the Internet - a fairly common phenomenon. They are used on news portals, social networks and many websites showing the movies. Youtube in General is built on the video from users. Such a broad application of the popular "pictures with sound" sometimes has some problems. The user visits the website, clicks on the icon to view the video, but in return gets nothing. Leaving it to load, you can wait an hour or two. Slow loading of the video may have several causes.

First, it can be low-speed connections. For example, in the evenings your provider is unable to provide the proper speed for all users, as the influx is too large. The same happens on weekends and holidays. Do nothing you will be able - will have to put up with slow Internet, and, hence, with the download of the video. Or try to view the video at another time.

Another common cause of slow loading of videos is an obsolete version of flash player for the browser. Periodic version updates of the browser gives the user complete confidence in its correct operation. Older versions of flash player have an impact on both the uploading of pictures and videos. Try to follow the release of new versions and update to their output.

The problem with the uploading of videos also may be associated with the outdated model of computer or its software. For example, the dual-core models run much slower than four.

If all of the above reasons do not apply to you, then most likely, the problem lies in the video. The author of the video could make mistakes in his calculations, or the server on which you found the video, is not working properly. Server problems usually arise in connection with the influx of visitors. Often that a movie I want to see too many of them and the server does not have time to answer everything. Therefore, the transfer speed is greatly reduced, which affects loading speed.