The most frequent source of problems with the video is not updated (or even installed) software. To work correctly, the video in normal mode (i.e. view the video file on your computer) you need to follow some technical advice. First of all, you need to install the driver for the video card and sound card, to find the most appropriate time you can use Everest utility. Also, for correct operation it will not hurt to update DirectX. If you have installed Windows XP, then it is advisable to upgrade to Service Pack 3.
For correct viewing of the video, it is desirable to install the codecs. Quite suitable universal package like K-Lite Codec Pack. Still does not hurt to set the media player to your taste. It is desirable, of course, one that is often updated, supports all common formats (e.g. Light Alloy). Players standard or any outdated can be the cause of slow video. However, note that when viewing video from the disc, the whole reason may be that in the drive and when braking, most likely, better this video to throw on the disc to your computer and watch at a normal speed.
Sometimes video slows down or causes errors when browsing online. Usually this is because you have an old version of the browser (in particular, the standard for Windows XP – Internet Explorer), but sometimes even update the standard browser does not solve the problem. The most correct solution would be to install an alternative browser of choice: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Also it is necessary for the correct view to regularly update your Flash Player (click the link