Advice 1: How to increase the speed of watching videos

To increase the speed of watching videos in different ways. It all depends on the format, size, method of viewing video. Of course, in such matters is also not the last role is the software and drivers.
How to increase the speed of watching videos
The most frequent source of problems with the video is not updated (or even installed) software. To work correctly, the video in normal mode (i.e. view the video file on your computer) you need to follow some technical advice. First of all, you need to install the driver for the video card and sound card, to find the most appropriate time you can use Everest utility. Also, for correct operation it will not hurt to update DirectX. If you have installed Windows XP, then it is advisable to upgrade to Service Pack 3.
For correct viewing of the video, it is desirable to install the codecs. Quite suitable universal package like K-Lite Codec Pack. Still does not hurt to set the media player to your taste. It is desirable, of course, one that is often updated, supports all common formats (e.g. Light Alloy). Players standard or any outdated can be the cause of slow video. However, note that when viewing video from the disc, the whole reason may be that in the drive and when braking, most likely, better this video to throw on the disc to your computer and watch at a normal speed.
Sometimes video slows down or causes errors when browsing online. Usually this is because you have an old version of the browser (in particular, the standard for Windows XP – Internet Explorer), but sometimes even update the standard browser does not solve the problem. The most correct solution would be to install an alternative browser of choice: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Also it is necessary for the correct view to regularly update your Flash Player (click the link

Advice 2 : How to slow down video clip

Change video speed – one of the common methods used in the installation in order to put the focus on details to emphasize the tension of the episode or just get a slow-motion image of the object moving at a high speed. Tools for working with video speed are available in many popular editing software such as Vegas Pro, Canopus Edius, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.
How to slow down video clip
You will need
  • - Adobe After Effects;
  • video file.
The easiest way to slow video is to change the speed throughout the clip. If you put a minus before the amount of speed change, to transform the video be played in reverse order. To work with speed in Adobe After Effects, import video to the program and move the clip on the Timeline palette.
Just right click on the layer with the clip and select from the context menu the option Time Stretch of Time of the group. To slow down the speed box, type the value of the Stretch Factor of more than a hundred percent. In fact, this is the new length of the clip, provided that the same duration is taken as hundred percent. In Vegas Pro at a similar speed change is specified not the length of the clip, and the acceleration, so to slow down the video speed by means of this program you will need to enter the amount less than one hundred percent.
There is a possibility to change playback speed between the marked key frames. In this way, you can smoothly speed up and slow down different pieces of clip without cutting it into pieces. In After Effects there is a Time Remap option that can be enabled with the command Enable Time Remapping from the same group Time.
To change speed you'll need to put the icons of key frames at the beginning and end of the piece of video that you want to adjust. Set the pointer of the current frame on the right icon, with the Time Remap you will see the timecode of the frame, which is the key. Change this value to a higher or slide the icon to the right of the key frame. In the same way you can change the speed of the video between the key set in any other area of a clip.
For a more correct display of the fragments with a modified speed is sometimes recommended to enable the Pixel Motion. This can be done by clicking on the layer and opening the context menu. The desired option is located in the group Frame blending.
In a similar way option Time Remap works in Adobe Premiere, although this program with the settings changes the speed you can work through the Effect Controls palette.
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